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[By Demand] Digit September 2006 DVD/CD

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led_shankar said:
great idea.....great to see people actuallyasking for articles also, instead of just software ^_^
Exactly, I can download my own software, thank you.

If you really want to distinguish yourself from other "IT" magazines, write something intellectually stimulating and that really matters in the long run for a change :) . It's really sad that foreign media is covering this issue better than mainstream Indian media.


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Does anyone mind when a majority DIGIT subscribers shout SuSE ..Come on yaar.. For how long you will keep on postponing things.. It doesn't matter if you give a Linux distribution once in 3 or 4 months, but ensure this time around it is SuSE 10.1(full or the latest one.Puhhhhh....lllllleeeeeezzzzzzzzz


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You've touched upon 3 of my pet subjects - Photoshop, programming and 3D.

The Fast Track to Photoshop was pretty much a demand thing - we'd got a ludicrous number of e-mails requesting it, and when we did it the second it became feasible.
The GIMP...ah...well...don't get me started.

A Fast Track to 3D modelling is another thing we'll do when it becomes feasible (time + manpower requirements, you know)

Finally, we probably won't carry regular articles for programming newbies, but we'll try to include more every once in a while.


good . good, good to hear the 3d thing from you,
regardless my request will remain the same
1.cinema4d 9.5


please include this video tutorial if you can.....

and also consider including more video tutorials on 3d ...please...
plus .... consider a full length tutorial on "lighting"
"v ray" the best render engin IMO, should be covered , its a blessing for all ....truly:)


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Cinema 4D is on the August DVD (you're welcome :) )

I found the Bryce 5.5 demo disappointing when compared to version 5 - but that's just me.

Lightwave doesn't have a demo version (or did I miss something on their site?)

And yes, we've received enough requests for 3D-related articles to consider something there, so watch out.

P.S. I prefer Mental Ray, even though the documentation assumes that you have several degrees in Physics.


Mental Ray rox man

it would be good, if u can include video tutorials for a few basic things....which can be used in all 3D applications

1) UVW Mapping
2) GI & FG/Photon
3) Shader creation
4) Basic of NURBS Modeling

Why don't u provide trial version of some of the pay-tool out there for 3Ds max & Maya, such as Powerboolen or PowerNURBS,

a trial version of XSI 5.1 would be great

Lightwave 9 is out, demo is not yet out, but u can give lightware 8.5 demo, they all come with mental ray

some mental ray manuals in pdf, cos....usually, here, in india we don't get manual whne we buy 3Ds Max or Maya, (u know what i mean ;))


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@FatBeing: please please please get started on the GIMP :)

And one thing: If and whenyou carry out a 3D modelling article, please give us a good tutorial on the math aspect of it, on the CD (since it would be too big to fit in the Fast track booklet, no?

And ditto for the programming fast track (if and when) 'cause
a)a fast track on C++ or Java would fill up ten fast tracks, no?
b)the syntax can be learnt; The logic is an ephemeral concept we need help on...

But what about the censorship article?

**** the ':' after 'Fatbeing' and the 'p' from please combined into :p
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in DVD:: FEDORA CORE 5 and UBUNTU 6.06 and MANDRIVA2006....all on one disc
lets make it a linux special this time


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Do you really want a censorship article? What's the point? We can crib and cry and analyse all we want, and the government does what it wants anyway.

Look at the number of articles on corruption, the inadequacy of the education system, etc. that newspapers do from time to time...they've achieved nothing except informing us about things we knew anyway.

Such articles amount to little more than cerebral onanism, and it's something we'd rather not indulge in. Articles with concrete outcomes are more attractive as story ideas.


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give the old dos games like alladin,prince of persia 2(dos) etc .
also give cheatbook 2006
and some multimedia tools
games wallpapewr also


FatBeing said:
Cinema 4D is on the August DVD (you're welcome :) )
Well, if an August 2006 CD/DVD preview had been posted, it would have been much easier for us not ask something which has already been given.
Come on yaar!!! Post the preview.
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