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Buying LAN cable and connector

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After messing around with wireless gain custom antenna..and all
i think using wire to connect is faster..
and I havent ever bought anything like that before..

So could somebody give me the detailed direction to any shop in chandni, Kolkata which sell the LAN cable...and also fit the connectors for us or if they don't fit it for us..where in that place do we get the tool to fit the connector on the Lan cable?
And also give an idea about the prices and the brand and spec. recommended?
I have weak sense of direction in the real world so please guide me to the exact spot so i dont have to get lost in the midst of the arrays and lanes of shops..
Thank you in advance


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You can buy ready made lan cable in sizes of 1m,2m,4m and so on....
If u wanna buy wire and crimp the connector - you can do that.
All u need is 2 x RJ-45 connectors(lan connectors/plug) and an 8pin/RJ-45 Crimping tool.
Most of the shop owners selling comp h/w have this tool and they can crimp it on ur request.
If u dont wanna mess go with ready made lan cables.


go for what poweruser says ...crimping tool is very easy to use ....and i don't see any reason why pay for doing such an easy thing ...it really is very easy ...we used to set up our own LAN like that ...


ya just buy the wire and crimping tool and the RJ-45 pins offcourse ...if initially u make some mistakes i guess it will be alright but u will learn anyway how to use it ...buy a little bit more wire and more pins(they are very cheap) so that u can practice ....
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