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Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by yogeshm02, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. yogeshm02

    yogeshm02 Guest


    Just for the fun of it, I've decided to build a (15k budget) PC, the sole purpose of which will be audio/video playing. I want to do everything myself.

    It will play DVD/VCD/Audio CD and offer to copy them to local storage. Play FM radio. Play local media. Play steaming audio/video. Usage as TV is not intended.

    The PC will have no mouse/keyboard. It'll be controlled via a Remote and also provide access through a web-based interface via WiFi (which will be used by current PC to configure it and manage media content on it).

    Please help me with following: -
    1) Any shop at Chandigarh/Delhi/Punjab (BTW I'm at Chandigarh) from where I can have a decent looking Mini PC cabinet or any other kind of cabinet suitable for my needs (should not look like a PC!)
    2) From where do I get Remote Controll + receiver?
    3) Are PCI FM receivers available? If yes, from where can I have it then?
    4) From where do I get TFT LCD display measuring upto 7-8" to be used as Monitor (should provide standard connection as video out will go to TV)?

    If you can, please quote prices also.

    For software (If you are interested), I've decided I'll either use a self built Linux or a basic upcoming SUSE 10.2 with de-tuned kernel for my specific needs, and media-player (still on initial stage, feature-set and library have been finalised and only partially implemented) will be my own which will use KDE's Phonon.

    Waiting in anticipation
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    Dehradun, India
    very cool.... if u need help with modding ask me....will be glad to help...

    a small tft is quite costly i think. and wont fit in ut budget. otherwise i donno where to get one. ask around at radio shacks. a better option will be to put in a 14" crt like in video game parlers.

    for a remote controller u can use a IR tv remote with a IR reciever and utilities available over the net.

    PCI FM reciever i donno but ther are lots of tv+fm. consider them.

    Make a case ur self. and i think for best result make it like a jukebox or liek those video game boxes in video game parlers. will look kool.
  3. OP

    yogeshm02 Guest

    TFT is meant to serve as the main display. It is solely needed to display useful information regarding playback/media selection etc. Actual video output of media files will go to TV out.

    I knew about them, but watching TV was not on agenda, so I thought FM only card will cost much less.

    Oops, I'm not that brave.;)
  4. mod-the-pc

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    @ yogeshm02

    You can do a remote control receiver for you. Look here

    For OS try GeeXBox. However it does not have a browser. But the HTPC interface is really good & customizable.

    PCI FM tuners are hard to find in India. At almost the same cost you can get a TV tuner card with FM !!!
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