Budget 25k & 30k

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my two friends are going to purchase pc separately, one have 25k and another have 30k budget.....
whats your suggestion about their specification?? they need only INTEL :-x
please suggest ... both budgets are including UPS


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what are the total components required means if displays and speakers also have to be included as well in given budgets And what for they will use those PCs for.........????????


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Plz don't give ONLY INTEL Sh!T

for 25k
X2 7750 B.E. @ 3.5k
Biostar 780G A2+ @ 3.2k
2*2=4GB DDR2 800MHz Kingston/Transcend RAM @ 1.9k
CM 334 Elite w/o PSU @ 1.8k
Cooler Master CM460W @ 2.6k
Seagate 7200.12 500GB SATA HDD @ 3.1k
UMAX Power Beats UPB 3200 2.1 @ 1.3k
Logitech kbd/mouse combo @ 0.8k
SONY 22x DVD Writer @ 1.2k
IF POSSIBLE - Palit 9600GT 512MB GDDR3 @ 5.4k

for 35k
Everything same, expect these:-
Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz @ 5.8k
Gigabyte G31 @ 2.6k
Palit 9600GT 512MB GDDR3 @ 5.4k
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