BSOD and weird Beeps while booting


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Hi Guys,

My PC suddenly boot up while running, when it boots there are 4 long beeps instead of single beep, it sometime start with those 4 beeps or the same thing gets over n over 4 beeps den halt for 4-5 secs den again 4 beeps.Sometimes BSOD comes or just black screen while sudden boot with 4 beeps. I am facing problem from last two days.Before a month ago i was facing the same problem, but few weeks ago i have replaced my HDD and RAM.

Is there any problem in PSU or Mobo???Im totally Confused.

im having below config,
AMD X6 1055T,
Gigabyte 880GM-USB3,
Corsair 4GB DDR3 XMS3 1600MH,
NZXT Gamma,
Corsair VX450W,
Zotac GT 430 1GB DDR3,
WD Caviar Black 640GB HDD

also im attaching HWMonitor n HWinfo32 screens.

I hope will get some help to sort out dis Problem.

Thanks & Regards,

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Did you try using the other 2 slots on the board? If not, try 1333MHz. XMS3 kits are crap with compatibility/lifespan for sometime now.


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@ mithun i tried clearing cmos n by taking out gfx but same prb coming,d system runs for few mins wen gfx is taken out but after few mins d prb starts again :(

@ sorcerer ya i tried installing ram on all slots but no change,
1333 ram kaha se dekhu, none of my frnds hav ddr3 supportive sys. My sys was wrking fyn for 6 months frm day i bought it, last month d prb started so replced my ram n hdd

@ asish bro just replaced my hdd 2 weeks ago

I did called gigabyte today but nothing solved my prb. I guess d board shld b sent for replacing

or shld i ask corsair for new ram of diff clk freq??Any help plzz


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@ mithun default setting was at 1333Mhz , my sys working fyn for now, but i want a permanet solution!!!

i have shared a vdo regarding those beeps.

Video0092.mp4 - YouTube

I know by cable management sucks :p

Recently this error occured, attaching d pic!!
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