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I am currently using BSNL broadband. My current router+modem is TP Link TD-W8961nd *
I access the net using wifi from my phone and laptop.

Now I am planning on shifting to alliance cable broadband. But apparently the router+modem that I already have will not work with this connection. They provide an RJ45 cable that is directly plugged into the desktop's LAN port. But I need wireless access on my laptop and phone. Its an absolute must.
So please suggest a router that will work with alliance broadband.
My needs are:-

1.) Access to internet via desktop(no wi-fi support on desktop), laptop(via wi-fi) and phone(via Wi-fi obviously).Often they will be connected at the same time, i.e., desktop via wire and laptop/phone via wi-fi.
2.) Good range across 800 sq.ft flat (through walls).
3.) Access to internet via wi-fi without turning on desktop.

Alliance users please help.

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P.S:- Is it absolutely certain that my current router(TP Link td-w8961nd) will not work?


Pro/An---tagonist xD
How do I make it work then? Plug in RJ45 from alliance to the RJ 45 jack and connect PC with another ethernet cable??
Also can I access net via laptop and phone wirelessly then? Not sure my version has mac address cloning mechanism.

And what do you mean which version?

Hardware version is 2.1
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