1. kg11sgbg

    Unable to access Alliance BB Internet by my DELL Laptop.

    I am running Alliance Broadband by having Tp-Link TL-WR740N wifi 150N Router configured properly. Till yesterday I was able to access the network by my DELL Inspiron 14 5447 Laptop at ease. Today due to my own fault as I tinkered the WR740N through the Dell laptop,everything went kaput. I wanted...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Wifi Router(only) for alliance broaddband and below Rs.1000(not a single paise above)

    Hello friends,I am switching over to ALLIANCE Broadband (Preferred+) Plan. Abandoning BSNL, which was my network ISP since 2007(with combo voice + BB features). I want a wifi-Router(not with combo modem) below Rs.1000/- Not a single paise to exceed the budget. From which one should I buy...
  3. O

    [Query]Tunngle and Alliance broadband compatibility??

    Dear All, I have a query reg Tunngle and Alliance broadband. Request you to please check the below post- Play with friend not possible - Tunngle Communit My userid there is onlytanmoy- same as here. Any one from Kolkata using Alliance broadband can confirm if it is fine at their end...
  4. A

    Need help with setting up Wifi for alliance broadband

    I got alliance from a local service provider few days back, before that i had BSNL connection. My local provider installed this device on the roof Ubiquiti Networks - airGrid® , connection is good but i am trying to get my TP-Link router to work with this. It was easy for setting up BSNL...
  5. S

    Alliance Broadband Kolkata has introduced new plans in new year!

    Hi everyone, wish you all a very happy new year! Here's some good news for the Kolkatans - Alliance Kolkata seems to have introduced new plans in the new year. Take a look Alliance Kolkata New Plans
  6. W

    Best ISP in Kamalgazi-Narendrapur area (South Kolkata)

    Firstly, accept my apologies if you find this question repeated. This is my very first post here. I stay in Bangalore and currently the internet requirements at my home in Kolkata is satisfied by Tata Photon Plus. I have decided to change it (multiple reasons), and after reading multiple...
  7. P

    How do cable internet providers in kolkata terminate their service connections?

    Hello fellow members, I joined to ask the question: how do cable internet providers like wishnet and alliance in Kolkata provide connectivity to their subscribers? I live outside Kolkata and am having a hard time reaching them directly to ask this question. The point is that I have a...
  8. ithehappy

    Alliance Broadband: How stable is it?

    I know this might have been asked a lot of times before but I am asking this again just for the sake of having updated information rather than outdated ones. Alliance finally providing their internet service where I live (it's a small town), until now there was no existence of them here, and...
  9. S

    alliance broadband switching to coaxial cable modem

    I have recently seen alliance broadband connections in the neighbourhood being switched to cable modem. Earlier a single RJ45 cable would reach the customer which he could connect to a router or the LAN port of the computer, configure the static ip and he would be ready to connect. Now, the RJ45...
  10. S

    local sharing in alliance broadband network

    Hi all. A friend of mine wants to share some files with me. As alliance provides static ip and both of us use alliance for internet, I was wondering if it would be possible to search for his computer over the network and get the files over it. Any help / suggestion in this regard would be...
  11. S

    configuring alliance broadband for static ip (linksys wrt54g)

    hi all, I need to configure my wireless router (linksys wrt54g) for alliance broadband. could any of you point me to some related link or tutorial? I tried doing it by changing the connection type to static ip in the config page and entering the details which the cable guy provided on the...
  12. T

    How to configure TPlink w8968 for alliance cable broadband in kolkata

    hi.. i bought tplink w8968 for alliance broadband, as the sales person at the shop told me that it supports telephone line broadband and cable broadband i bought it but now i'm unable to configure it to connect with alliance broadband.allaince bb provided me ip address,gateway &...
  13. J

    BSNL to Alliance ~Router help

    I am currently using BSNL broadband. My current router+modem is TP Link TD-W8961nd * I access the net using wifi from my phone and laptop. Now I am planning on shifting to alliance cable...
  14. Ironman

    Sorry to Post this again !

    Kolkata - Broadband - Again! Being a Heavy Downloader in Kolkata is VVVV Tough in a BSNL I have been considering to take another connection But today i read about the MTNL Thing * in the other...
  15. kg11sgbg

    Alliance Broadband: Some queries?

    I just contacted "Alliance Broadband",through our Local Cable Operator.Alliance Broadband operates its BB network through these local cable operators. This is the prevailing system now at least in our area. Local cable operator gave me the leaflet,which has the same data as on Alliance...
  16. sam9953

    UMD's for Sony PSP

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: I am selling the following UMD's: Mega Man Maverick Hunter : Mega Man Maverick Hunter X - Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded : Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded - Ultimate Alliance : Marvel: Ultimate Alliance -...
  17. subhajitmaji

    Alliance Broadband - Setting up a Router

    Hello Friends, I am planning to take up Alliance Broadband (in Kolkata). They simply provide a RJ45 jack which we can use to connect our PC. My concern is can I use my router to share the net-connection? Note: I do not want to keep a PC running as on several occasions I will only be using...
  18. abhijit_reddevil

    Can I setup wifi using Alliance broadband?

    Hello, I have been using Alliance broadband since the last 4 years and I am very much satisfied with their service. I have 256kbps unlimited connection for which I am paying Rs.550 per month with taxes. The local cable operator have provided a LAN cable which I insert into the LAN port of my...
  19. K

    Nokia Microsoft Alliance

    Hi, What is your opinion of the new alliance ?.. Personally, I have lost all respect for Nokia for going ahead with this.. Not that Symbian was doing too well and stuff, but still, their smartfones are just going to be about Windows Phone 7 now ... Just like Samsung, LG, HTC ... And QT is...
  20. layzee

    Alliance Broadband in Linux

    Does anyone have have any idea about configuring Alliance Broadband (Kolkata) in Linux using the CyberRoam 24 Online client ???
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