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  1. A

    Broadband wi fi modem

    please suggest one which is simple and reliable.want to connect my lappie and phones inside the house.fed up with TP link w 8968 which am planning to throw away.my siemens sl2141 still soldieiring on after almost 8 years of purchse.budget Rs 2000.00
  2. C

    Wifi range extender for BSNL nokia siemens wireless router

    Hi everyone, I need advice on buying a good wifi range extender for BSNL nokia siemens wireless router. Please advice with make, model and set up guide. Just FYI, I am a non-technical guy so excuse me for silly mistakes.
  3. A

    power supply for siemens sl2 -141 modem

    where can one buy a power supply for siemens sl2 -141 modem
  4. R

    siemens c2110 modem stop automatic dialling

    I have set up my Siemens c2110 modem to automatic dialing. Now I want to know how to reconfigure it to manual dialing.I am posting the screenshots of my configurations.
  5. Xbox

    File sharing using Nokia Siemens 1600 Router

    I have Nokia siemens 1600 model router [BSNL] and wish to set up a home network between PC and Laptop to share folders and files. I have win xp sp3 on desktop and win7 Enterprise in laptop. PC is connected using Ethernet and Laptop using wifi for inetrnet [PPPoE connection]. i want to make...
  6. W

    Siemens C2110 ADSL modem connection problem with BSNL

    I have a problem with my Siemens C2110 ADSL modem with BSNL broadband connection. My modem used to work correctly until one bad day I decided to install Linux Mint 9. God knows how I messed up my settings, now whenever I try to run Win XP or Win 7 in my other Harddisk, it does not connect to...
  7. G

    Siemens c2110 not working blinking cont..

    Please help on this problem. my modem warranty has expired after upgrading my frameware . I have a problem with my Siemens C2110 ADSL modem. The LEDs on the modem is blinking always. I turned on the modem while the PC is off and the phone line disconnected, then all the LEDs turn on, which...
  8. S

    configuring Always on internet connection?

    Hello All! I'm using bsnl's dataone service. could anyone of you please help me configure my modem to enable always on internet? I have a siemens C2110 set. Is there any other information/screenshots I need to add here for you to help? Thanks so much! Manish
  9. lahratla

    Port Forwarding on Nokia Siemens C2110

    I am using BSNL DataOne 500C (pppoe) with Nokia Siemens C2110. Is port forwarding possible? If so, how do I enable port forwarding for uTorrent? I've searched around for a solution on several sites, but nothing seemed to work. Please help.
  10. A

    port setting help..

    torrent port forwarding help.. can anybody help me for utorrent portforwarding. i'm using siemens c2110 modem.:?:
  11. GeekyBoy

    BSNL Nokia Siemens c2110 configuration:help !!

    One of my friends applied for a BSNL BROADBAND connection and at last got his username and password. He wants to connect the modem(Nokia Siemens C2110) via Ethernet port(LAN) but doesn't know how to configure the modem. I tried briefing him about the settings in but it turned out...
  12. Krazy Bluez

    BSNL DATAONE Siemens Modem ?

    Hi guys, I have BSNL Siemens C2110 Model Modem and would like to know how the modem configuration page will open ? i've tried but it fails to show the page, I am using firefox for this, what should i do ?
  13. S

    Help in Dataone SIEMENS C2110 modem

    experts i have 2 modems 1st one is Huawei and 2nd Siemens C2110.. Huawei modem is capable to auto configure (automatic login ) but i have no idea to configure Siemens c2110 modem plz send me the tutorial to configure c2110. bcoz i have 5 pcs if modem will configure there is no need to make...
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