Brian lara cricket 2005

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Fact 1. There's eight different pitch types and even footmarks which change progressively; this can be used as a guide to put spin on the ball.
"We're photographing and recording pitches in each of the major countries to get pitch colours, bounce, grass etc all correct"

Fact 2. All round excellent gameplay: there's fully intuitive batting, bowling and fielding in the game, and each is as important as each other

Fact 3. Adding to the televisual style of presentation, Brian Lara International Cricket will also utilise cutting-edge broadcast devices, including Hawk-Eye - fully licensed from its creators, The Television Corporation (

Fact 4. Brian Lara International Cricket unlockables include a classic squad of 20 with the greatest names from cricket history - WG Grace included.

Fact 5. If you want to get your skills up to international standards, there are Practice nets to get in shape.
The practise nets will be very in-depth though - you can get the bowler to bowl specific balls and so they bounce on a specific part of the wicket

Fact 6. In the Friendly match option, you can play a One Day International, Test Match, or Double Wicket game. More info on Double Wicket to follow in tomorrow's Fact of the Day!

Fact 7. Double Wicket cricket, included in the 'Friendly' section of the game, is a very accessible way to play BLIC2005 quickly, featuring two batsmen and two bowlers (so it works well as a two- or four-player game).

You choose which players you would like (a batsman and a bowler, or two all-rounders, would be good - at least one player handy with a bat and one with a ball) and then the amount of overs playable and how many penalty runs any wickets cost.

Then you play the game as usual. If the opposition get a wicket it just means that the batting side are docked runs (the penalty runs mentioned before).

After the set number of overs, the side that was previously bowling comes in and they play their overs at bat. Best score, after the penalty runs have been taken off, wins.

Fact 8. Choose 'One Day International' in the 'Friendly' section of the game and you can change the default number of overs (50) to create a 20:20 match instead.

Fact 9. To get you guessing, there will be multiple commentary teams featuring some of the biggest and recognisable names in cricket. Can't say who yet though!

Fact 10. There's over 800 players animations in the game, fully motion captured

Fact 11. There will be a four-player multiplayer game available (2v2), with the chance for each gamer to join or leave the game at any point.

Fact 12. There will be full use of the modern technology that's used in the cricket coverage on TV - more on this very soon, when I can say more - but I'm sure you can guess what innovations will be alongside Hawkeye to add to the 'TV-style' coverage.

Fact 13. The classic squad will contain 20 players - the greatest names in cricket and you can play against them!

Fact 14. Further to the classic section I was mentioning yesterday - in BLIC2005 you will also be able to replay classic matches, such as the first Ashes test from 1889.

Fact 15. I'll let you know on the full team run down on Monday, but to get you guessing over the weekend, the Classic squad includes 20 members of which 6 are English, 5 Australian, 5 from the West Indies, 2 from South Africa and 1 each from India and Pakistan.

Anyone care to guess on who they are? If anyone gets it right (unlikely I know but it's an honest offer), I'll send them a Codies game and goodie bag.

Please put your guesses on the thread linked below to keep it tidy on this this thread.

Fact 16. There's six Game Modes: Friendly, Tournament, Challenge, Coaching, Custom, and The Pavillon. I've talked about Friendly already, so next I'll move on to talk about the Challenge mode.

Fact 17. Talking about game modes, 'Challenge', as mentioned on Monday, will have two major parts - the classic matches, and the Beat the All-Stars section.

Fact 18. In the Classic Match scenarios, part of the Challenge mode, we have initially gone for 10 classics.

Fact 19. Brian Lara Criket will have a plethora of well-known cricket sponsors - ad hoardings, teams, bats, balls and helmets will display that distinctive logo or touch to make the game experience even more immersive and encompassing.

Fact 20. Bit of strange one to throw into the fire, just to let you debate this: You don't not control your fielder when you're running for the ball. He'll do that automatically

Fact 21. In the 'Custom' section of the game you can create your own 'best of the best' from all the players in the game, both current and classic.

Fact 22 While there will be a speedometer after you have bowled of course to tell you the speed you bowled at, to control the speed while you bowl, you select the type of ball you want to bowl (using the controller buttons on PS2/Xbox, not sure on PC yet) and then the speed of the ball depends on your run-up, a what point you release the ball, the swing, if your bowler is 'finding his groove' (how bowlers come into and go out of form throughout a match) and the pitch conditions after the ball has left his hands.

Fact 23. The pitch point marker works differently to previous cricket games in that it is active throughout the run-up rather than being set before the bowler starts his run. This allows for late adjustments to the line and length you are bowling right up to the point when the ball is being released from the bowler's hand

Fact 24. The Customise menu of BLIC2005 will include a Player Editor, to edit existing players in the game.

Fact 25. Batting AND bowling can be controlled up until the 'last second' - just as in real life and just as it should be.

Fact 26. Key to the difference between top quality, average, and tailend batsmen in Brian Lara 2005 is in the foot movement range associated with each batsman type and the range of shots available to them. The better batsmen have much better foot movement, allowing them to play shots that tailenders would struggle with, and they also have many more shots available to them (as in real life).

Fact 27. Each player is accurately rated in all batting skill areas ... which affects their timing for each shot type. So as you can see there are a multitude of factors that effectively determine differences between the varying levels of batsman skill whilst playing the game - and we'll have them in the game.

Fact 28. There's no streakers and no pigeons in the game sadly


Another one coming from EA SPORTS. Cricket 2006

Google it ;) and if you find something intresting plz post here :)


cricket definately deserves a good game

all the game made by EA so far have been cr@P

each new version being a more bigger cr@p than the previous version

no graphics, no logical gameplay, no control

damn!! nothing left in a sports title then

fingers crossed for these 2 games


Broken In

It must be good if it is coming from codemasters. The EA game is no good. They should stick to FIFA.


In the zone
Yeah! Even if it's half as good as the first BLC was (in relative terms), it will surely beat EA's version hollow! Waiting....:twisted:


Cricket games do not cater to a large playing audience as is evident by the attitude of EA Sports.Even this release of BLC is coming after a gap of 6 years.Good thing that Codemasters are publishing this game,atleast it gives some value to the title excluding Brian Lara of course.


I simply can't wait for the game to be realeased....

It's the second best on my waiting list after GTA SanAndreas....

The facts have made me crazy !!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Wise Old Owl
ive only ever liked 2 cricket games: cricket 97 frm EA coz it was so much fun 2 play....and BLC frm codemasters coz the graphix were good and the game was fun 2 play too...but recently, EA has been making bad cricket games...i dont know y the graphix look so artificial...they make the player models look so damn good in FIFA, NBA, NHL, NFL, etc...but when it comes 2 crocket, the players look like polygons....


@ Nemi

not only that, besides even in cricket 2004 the spectators are in 2d

so when we hit some six/four we can clearly see ultra thin wafers in the form of crowds

one doesnt need to mention the crowd support, cheering, booing, gestures, fireworks, ribbons, effects and other such details in the game

if FIFA can have it consistently in their title so can CRICKET games

it absolutely sick and disgusting to see these EA guys making awesome other games and not even worth mentioning cricket games

atleast these guys can lend some of their game source code in some similar games like the crowds, grass. player details to different sports title

atleast they can do so to make a game title do a little justice to the original games


Yes you're right only renderers

I'll post it here




Hanging, since 2004..
EA has ruined all the cricket games so far , the best i hav played is BLC by codemasters, new cric game frm codemasters.... this is what im waiting for 8)

I HATE EA :evil:


The Photoshop Guy
none of the cricket i played till date are good.

BTW EA is cool dude forgot nfs :p and fifa oh i love dat game :D

..:: peace ::..


when is this game gonna release

summer 2005 kab hain bhai ??

hope i get the DVD version of this game coz i guess this game would have abt 2-3 cds considering the graphics in the game and the hype


Let the music play.....
I dont want to know how much it is costing, I want to know when am I gonna get it. 8)

quad master

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The screenshots look gr8 i am really waitng for this one to roll out.

I havent enjoyed a cricket game like the old Brian Lara Cricket PC version.
After that they did not update but now the wait is over it seems.

Off Topic related to OLD BLC PC Version.
Since BLC has come into picture please dont mind but i wanted to clarify
a doubt. A problem later started occuring whenever i use to play the
old BLC after the Toss is done the game doesnt proceed further.
initially i used able to play the game but as time passed the game refused
to move after the Toss is taken place to start the match i m still not able
to find a solution to this problem.
How do i solve this problem . I even purched a new BLC99 copy again.
i thought there was a problem with the CD.I still love the old BLC can
someone help me in my problem.

Guys please i hope you dont mind i know its off topic but since the discussion is on BLC i thought i would ask it here instead of starting a new thread.


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Well IMHO the graphics are not that *great* looking. Infact they look so similar to EA Cricket 2004! Are these genuine screenies? There is even no AA!


Let the music play.....
Indyan & quad master I also faced that problem in my cafe a long time ago :wink: . I figured it out (I dunno abt Win XP) but in 98 it is the problem of missing sound driver. If the proper drivers r not installed this game doesnt run. The remaining apps on sound work perfectly but this 1 doesnt. Something wierd but true (my experience).
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