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[book]The secret of hacking


In the zone
i saw this book's ad on the mag<--The secret of hacking
i am looking forward to buy this book....howz it??has anyone tried it??plz tell me...
and what all will we learn from that??can it be ordered by cash-on-delivery[i think it shud].......is it worth buying??


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Dude, internet is "THE BEST" source of learning any kind of hacking. Why waste (and limit your knowledge) your time (and money) in those few pages.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
couldn't agree more with rhitwick...all the so called great hackers have gained knowledge from the Internet (biggest showff of them all is Ankit Fadia-have read his book the unofficial guide to ethical hacking was a BS)...do not waste any money on these books...chances are you will read first few chapters and will get fed up :p


In the zone
Ok ....then i'll see it later
i was willing to buy that book coz i was not able to find any good articles n ebooks..all i could find was how to prevent hacking[and that also in a dumb way] which is known by all[some silly points]
so please refer me a gud source of learning haking]...no matter ethical or black hat.....


Have you read Fast Track on Hacking ?
there is no guide available or i can say never will be available which
will you guide you step by step on HOW TO HACK ?

so better you start with learning small stuff like registry editing, tweaking windows looks, programe small utilities in vb n many more stuff.

i was also thinking to buy that book just for tools but then
i thought only tools cant make me a HACKER. so just leave those stuff and learn more stuff like this. i bet you cant even solve half of the xp troubleshooting stuff.
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