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  1. AshurainX

    Need help from Lenovo Y500 users.

    I need to clean install the OS on a new hdd and for that I need to download the media creation tool from the microsoft website. The problem is that, I know my laptop had windows 8 single language but i'm not sure if its the "single language with bing" version or the one without bing. Also I need...
  2. amjath

    Insiders say Elop could sell off Xbox and cancel Bing if he became Microsoft CEO

    Source So evil this guy
  3. T

    How would you improve search engines?

    I'm developing a niche search engine and would like to hear your thoughts and experiences :razz: You can answer on "search engines in general" or about some specific (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc). - What features would you add / change / discard? - Is there something that frustrates...
  4. pauldmps

    Bing stealing Google's search results ???

    Source: Google on Bing Stealing Search Results: "We'd Like For This Practice to Stop")
  5. A_n_k_i_t

    Use Bing to donate $3 for good cause!!

    Bing : an alternative to google for most of the people(almost!!) have come to with a new strategy or really becoming a good samaritian by donating $3 eveytime you use their search engine. A page that will add Bing as a search provider in Firefox and IE (though the whole donation process will...
  6. bhushan2k

    Microsoft announced first Bing app for iPhone

    Microsoft announced its first Bing official mobile app for iPhone as well as iPod Touch devices. So, Microsoft’s Bing for mobile devices is just going in positive direction with this launch. There are several ways to get this app. Read the entire article Screenshots are given below:
  7. NewsBytes

    Google: We will never be evil like Microsoft

    Google bosses Larry Page, Eric Schmidt (CEO) and Sergey Brin    At a press conference in New York on Wednesday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founder Sergey Brin fielded a lot of questions from the media about everything from Bing and Chrome OS to the recent Gmail outages and never being as...
  8. NewsBytes

    Bing launches search-sharing over Facebook, Twitter; ignores own Windows Live!

    The development team at Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, is constantly looking for innovation, especially on the social networking side. In July, they rolled out a feature that threw up Twitter updates from the accounts of famous celebrities if the tweet was relevant to your search...
  9. ritesh.techie

    Bing most Beautiful Wallpaper- Hahaha...

    Today I was feeling very bore, so I take up my Photoshop CS3 and started drawing a wallpaper for Bing. Here is my worst creation of Bing- [COLOR="Silver"] So any one here who can make this look btfull Edited by cyberjunkie: Too large images. Resize, increase compression or post...
  10. soumya

    How to: get Bing's daily photo as a Windows 7 wallpaper

    No matter what you think of Bing as a search engine, you have to admit that the daily homepage photos are pretty cool. They range from amazing nature photos to holiday sensitive events. Those images now have a new use, being wallpapers for your Windows 7 PC. One of Windows 7's lesser know...
  11. ravi_9793

    Blind Test Bing Vs Google Vs Yahoo

    Which is best search engine for you. Let's do a blind test. I have done 2 test, and Bing gave me best result. So, start your blind test: http://blindsearch.fejus.com/ Cheers .....
  12. M

    Microsoft New Search Engine Bing - Now Live!

    Microsoft New Search Engine Bing - Now Live! * URL: http://www.bing.com/ * Fully Featured Bing: Go to http://www.bing.com/worldwide.aspx and Select United States - English * Bing Webmasters Tool (Add your Own Site in Bing Search Engine): http://www.bing.com/webmaster :)
  13. Stuge

    Michael Phelps Bing bong -> Caught with smoking bong

    http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/150832/14-times-Olympic-gold-medal-winner-Michael-Phelps-caught-with-bong-cannabis-pipe.html http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/sports/BO103786/
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