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Bicycle for Enjoying and Work Out


Arsenal Fan
I am not much informed about the Hero bikes.
I have rode one Hercules, Ryder Neo.
As for suggestions, what I understood is front and rear suspensions are just an add-on, not required in daily commuting. Mostly required for train riding. Cheaper ones are not worth it.
Disc brakes are good but maintenance may be high.

So, get yourself a bike which is light, has 18/21 gears and minus suspension and disc. There must be many options from Hero and Atlas. Try them out once, and get the one you are ok with.
If you are interested. go through the link Want to buy a bike? READ THIS FIRST


Ambassador of Buzz
As suggested by arsenalfan rockrider 5.0 bike is better than any hero bike available within 10k.
You can also check out la-sovereign, firefox or schwinn.
If your riding priority is just city riding then you are better off with a hybrid.
A cheap fs bike will give only problems especially when your 6ft tall. High quality v-brakes are better than cheap discs! So choose wisely.


as Kratos
Sorry guys budget is now approx 5k. Suggest the best bike from hero, atlas, hercules only.


Ambassador of Buzz
Okay only thing you can do now is get a bike which suits you best. But please go for a simple bike and not with many shocks or disc brakes.
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