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Best Speakers under 9000


Right off the assembly line
I am looking to upgrade my speakers from altec lansing 2621.
I have listened to Altec lansing Mx 5021 and was blown off by the quality, but sadly they are not available now.
Please suggest speakers which match the quality , my pref would be music(big bass must) and then movies, not much into gaming.
I came across swans m10, logitech z623 and altec lansing mx 6021 as close matches..
Please help me finalize


I am also lookin out for the same am using Altec Lansing VS2621 (RMS 28W) as well. I came across Creative Gigaworks T40 ii series (9000/- in open market) worth replacin my speakers with.
Other option is Sony SA-D100 (RMS 50W) Rs.6000/-. But only reason I did not get it because creative T40 RMS output is 32W which is not much..But it sure looks beast!

Im still checkin out further options.


Broken In
Why couldnt you increase your budget and try to get a Premium Sets like
Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power @13.5k
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 @13K( negotiable ) @ Gautham Agencies Pune.(09822033581 , 02025454270)

But the question is which one to choose
klipsch need a step down transformer to get 110v or 120v from our indian standards

Actual prices are Klipsch about $150 and Corsair SP2500 about $220 - $250

If you are tightly bounded with budget i recommend Logitech Z623..
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