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  1. S

    Need Best 2.1 speakers in 2.0k except altec Lansing

    Hi Guys, i need the best 2.1 Speakers, altec Lansing is no longer available otherwise i would have gone for VS2621:-x:pullhair::wah::banghead::hammer: Budget :- Rs 2000 or max Rs 2500 So, here are some option i have found, if you guys have any other good speakers then plz post it.:-)...
  2. V

    Where can I find Altec Lansing VS2621

    Hi... I am looking for Altec Lansing VS2621 2.1 speaker. From where can I get them online ?
  3. bhushan2k

    Best 2.1/5.1ch speakers in 3k-5k gaming/multimedia

    any suggestions?? edifier c2 2.1ch creative inspire t6160 5.1ch Altec Lansing VS3251 E 5.1ch any other??
  4. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speaker setup for 8500??

    Hey guys,so my MX5021 which served me well is not working partly & its becoming a problem to fix it as the parts are not available...So i am planning to buy a new set of 2.1 Speakers to replace my MX 5021..My budget is about 8.5K or so..but can go a bit higher if that particular speaker can...
  5. A

    Altec Lancing VS 2621 vs F&D A520 vs Edifier C2

    Still searching for a good 2.1 speaker system. I own Altec Lancing VS 2621 so want something better then it, was suggested F&D A520 and read good reviews about Edifer C2. They are of different price segment alright, but if the difference in quality of sound for both music and movies is worth...
  6. Mainak23

    Suggest: Suitable 2.1 Speakers under 12k

    Hi guys... I want to buy a 2.1 speakers ...The main concern for me is high bass capacity and clear sounds. Budget:- 10-12k Main Purpose:- Mainly watching Movies, Listening songs And playing games sometimes...
  7. A

    2.1 Speaker System > Altec Lansing VS2621

    I already have Altec Lansing VS2621 and am looking for something in the same price range, few 100Rs up n down. So do I have better options then the Altec one in the same price category ?
  8. Ronnie11

    Altec Lansing MX5021 right Speaker problem..help pls

    Hey guys,i have been owning altec lansing speakers for the past 5 or so years...but just today,something strange happened...,my right speaker is giving me very low output or very low volume compared to my left speaker...i inspected for loose wires or so..but didn't find anything..i also...
  9. P

    Best Speakers under 9000

    Hi I am looking to upgrade my speakers from altec lansing 2621. I have listened to Altec lansing Mx 5021 and was blown off by the quality, but sadly they are not available now. Please suggest speakers which match the quality , my pref would be music(big bass must) and then movies, not much...
  10. J

    Altec Lancing MX-5021

    Dear Friends, I am in a dire situation. I am very fond of the mx5021 speakers that I bought 3 years back. It was working just fine. Suddenly some days back while I was watching movie, maybe due to voltage fluctuation the lights on the power controller blinked couple of times and went off...
  11. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Altec lansing vs4121 2.1 Speakers

    For sale are my ~1.7 year old Altec Lansing Vs4121 2.1 speakers . I think these are one of the best speakers in sub 3k category . Earlier i had purchased altec lansing octane 7 vs4621 but i did not liked them and so went and replaced them with the VS4121 within 2 days and i was glad that i did...
  12. MatchBoxx

    2.1 Sound System within Rs. 3200 @Kolkata

    I need a 2.1 sound system for my new pc, which has no dedicated sound card. 1. Altec Lansing Octane 7 VS4621. 2. Altec Lansing VS2721. 3. Edifier C2. Please suggest.
  13. marvelousprashant

    Altec Lansing BXR1221 Speaker or Zebronics SW2700

    I know you guys are experts in dealing with high end speaker systems but my problem is little different. I have a small hostel room and I want to buy cheap speakers for my laptop (main reason : I am buying these from my savings). I've a small room. I have used cheapo i-ball 2.0 earlier but...
  14. Vensanga

    Speaker around 2.5k...Philps 5.1 or Altec Lansing 2.1???

    Guys am planning to buy a speaker and my budget is around 2.5k in Delhi so can you suggest me which is a good choice.......I found this philips Buy Philips 5.1 Channel Speaker DSP2500 at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews that fits in my budget....and if...
  15. S

    Suggest me good Gaming Rig

    Hi, I need a gaming CPU configuration and my budget is 35k - 40k. i just only need CPU+GPU , i have 22" DELL monitor , Altec Speakers , keyboard and mouse. Please help me. Thanks Sujendra
  16. debsuvra

    Output problem with Altec Lansing VS4121

    I have an Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1 speaker system which is roughly 2 years old by now. From last week, it stopped producing outputs on the right speaker which also has the power button, volume, bass/treble controls. While the power button and all the controls are working fine, the right speker...
  17. N

    Need Suggestion for 2.1 Audio System (F&D A310 / F&D A520 / Altec VS 2621)

    Hi, I will be buying 2.1 Speaker for my system on saturday. I have shortlisted below speakers as per my budget. Please advice which will be best among these- F&D A310(4000W) F&D A520(5000W) Altec VS 2621 Thanks !!!!:smile::smile:
  18. X

    altec lansing vs2621

    i am planning to buy altec lansing vs2621 speakers ... how is it ? . the price quoted by the shopkeeper is 1250/- . any other better speakers in this range ?
  19. V

    2.1 Speaker system Suggession

    Hi i want to buy 2.1 Speaker system I have shortlisted 3 models i) Altec Lansing VS4121 (old model, good performance available for Rs 3000) ii) Altec lansing VS4621 iii) Creative Inspire T3200 Please tell which one performs the best for Gaming and music Budget- Rs 3500
  20. himangshu

    Altec Lansing BXR1221 or Zebronics SW2600W

    Guys help me decide between Altec Lansing BXR1221 and Zebronics SW2600W. My budget is strictly 1.1k max.
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