best 5.1 speakers

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I wanna buy and Altech lancing Home theater system.
Do you suggest me to buy that?

My Budget is 10k around, so suggest me up some best out of that plz



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Hi plz help me in finding 0ut good 5.1 speakers for my pc. in my town they are having logitech z506 and creative t6100 ,my budget is around 6.5k af any other speaker please suggest me


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any new models launched now. I am willing to buy a 5.1 system for my PC price range around 5000. Also tell me a sound card. Thanx in advance


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Posted by: mailshobhon
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You can try F&D F6000 real good speakers at the price range
Dont know about F6000. But I purchased F&D 6000U from SP Road, Bangalore on March 2nd 2013 in 6.5k. It has got 57w rms sub-woofer and 8" bass driver. But there is no punch in bass at all in compare of my old Creative T6100 (26w subwoofer and only 3.5K). I am feeling so cheated.
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