best 2.1 speakers....ummm????

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Altec Lansing MX6021 Expressionist ULTRA 2.1 Speaker

Edifier Prisma E3350 Metallic Mauve 2.1

corsair sp2500

sound stick 3

which one is the best ?

its for ps3 & and light musics
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Well, you missed so many :D

1. Klipsch Promedia
2. Bose Companion 3
3. Edifier S730 and S530 (my precioussss :wub:)
4. Logitech Z2300

Soundsticks are not even worth mentioning here. They are very basic when compared to the big four above :hyper:
well...we all can have our opinions and be happy. All these are epic speakers, no doubt. IMO A5 lacks the power that the above ones have.

P.S.-I don't mean "monster bass" by power. It should be just right.


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Could you include the prices in the first listing. It would help my buying too.

all under 15k-16k

budget duude........ budget
but can consider your edifier its 17k. right?

i have seen your post your budget is 5k.
its not possible to get one of these


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1. Corsair SP2500
2. Edifier S730

@OP, Corsair SP2500 is an all-rounder...
Edifier S730 lacks mids in music..
If You Need Power Then Go For 5.1 Speaker & If Quality Sound Then For Premium 2.1 Speakers Like AudioEngine A2 @ 9.5K or Corsair SP2500 @ 14K

MX6021 Expressionist ULTRA @ 8K is also good
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Why didn't anyone mention Swan? Swan M200MKIIs are very very good, around 10-12k imo.
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