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Behind the 'Bad Indian Coder'

Santa Maria!

That article is not wrong.

Bad code is everywhere in the industry, and the small percentage of good programmers have to waste a good deal of their lives dealing with or fixing or re-designing the crap other people wrote.

But India stands out because of the sheer number of people in the software industry. If you compare the software engineer population of two countries and determine that 80% of their respective software people are crappy, then that 80% figure for India will translate numerically into a much larger figure than that for the other country. And with such a huge number (rather than a proportion) of people writing crap code, things will not go unnoticed.

Cheap labour will ensure that India keeps getting projects. And India will keep delivering them - some well done, a lot badly done.. but the clients don't know it's badly done until it's time to scale up or some new requirements emerge...


Its not about cost. Americans always prefer quality over cost. Its just that there are not enough qualified people in america. Once that you find are also inferior to indian coders.Otherwise you wodnt have found indian coders working in america drawing 200k per year.


Lost in speed
Indian coders are not that bad. We may not be technologically advanced, but we're smart enough to do the task with minimal steps.
Certainly it's not an easy task to analyze and understand the "Good ol' codes of 1980"s, and put a fix/enhance it in 2000's for half a cost.. :lol:

One thing i've noticed is, we crave for power and position.. yes.
We (coders) start our career by coding, and as we go up we hate it, and try hard to become a man who can manage others. But, they code even in their sixties.

In my previous project, i used to work with 60-year old person on site, who coded along with me despite being he's the hot shot there. He was too strong in the technology, that we worked.
He learnt that technology at its inception, grew with it and still playing with it now. :)


Lost in speed
Who will forget the legendary indian "Seetharaman narayanan", whose names appears on every photoshop loading screen. :)


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flash update page, if that's us, we are taking over the world!
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