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Battlefield 4 Discussion


Wise Old Owl
I'm all in for the game, except for the price.

Just wait for game4u christmas sale :D

For people like me who do not believe in going through the trouble to get into mx or any other origin, the preload is yet to be started today at 4 30 PM in India :)

Umm what trouble , its just a matter of one click to enable vpn . BTW isn't indian time 1 nov??

Also in term of graphics , this is the best looking pc game after crysis 3 .


Preordered it couple of days back from Game4U - atleast getting additional DLC/maps at that price. I prefer having a disc in my collection than downloading 25-30gb over my 2mbps connection.

Thought I will buy Blacklist and Black Flag at 50% discount which is savings of 1500. That maths works for me :) Flipkart already had 50% discount on Blacklist couple of weeks back, missed it. Anyways there is backlog of few games for me right now so can wait to buy those awesome games during Christmas time.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
This thread is for discussion of release, installation problems, SP campaign etc. MP is massive and needs dedicated thread. just look at the post count in this thread, 757 posts even before the game is released in India.

apart from that.. I started playing the campaign may be 70% complete, playing in hard mode, the AI stupid, average story. I think I need to play it again after official release as my unlocks are not showing up(VPN :p).

BF4 is taxing on GFX, and one particular level is very intense with all kind of weather effects. I can run on high on 900p (but looked dull) or ultra 720p(~60) , 1080p would be too much to ask. I prefer better framerates over ultra quality. if you have a beast of a machine then you can get 1080p ultra easily. for midrange PC's I would recommend high~Ultra / 720p/900p setting. upcoming driver would help a lot. ill give about a month or two for devs to clear out the drivers. I wont start playing MP till official release for ping relates issues on VPN.

BTW.. first time I died (may be at 45% completion). it was due to suicide by jumping off a second floor building :facepalm:
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