Basic guide to Broadband(ADSL) components


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Linksys_ADSL_Modem_AM300_ethernet,_USB,_and_phone_line_ports by mithun_mrg, on Flickr
This is a basi wired modem used for generally connecting a single pc u can connect through the usb or the ethernet cable
the dsl is for the phone line usb is for connecting through usb cable alternatively or more commom is to connect is through the lan cabl;e which will go in the Ethernet socket

wl-366-product by mithun_mrg, on Flickr
This is generally used if more than one connections are required it gives wired as well as wi-fi connectivity generally it has 4 LAN ports together & a seperate lan port which is of different color for attaching the modem in the pic u can see it clearly

ADSL Router+ Modem

4_lan_port_wifi_adsl_modem_router by mithun_mrg, on Flickr
this is an all in one device combines the feature of both the above in the picture the wifi antennas r missing

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go more elaborate on their functions and configurations. tell step by step how to connect and share internet among multiple clients using the router & the modem+router.


Explaining stuff like ADSL, ADSL2, wireless capacity, speed limit the router will able to handle would help a lot.
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