Apple iPhone To Get The VLC Player !

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The [FONT=Verdana,Arial,tahoma,trebuchet MS][FONT=Verdana,Arial,tahoma,trebuchet MS]iPhone[/FONT][/FONT] will soon have an alternate video player that, with any luck, will offer a solution to always having to use iTunes to convert and transfer videos. Zodttd has developed an iPhone VLC player that will also work on the iPod Touch. Of course the player is still being tested and comes with only a few decoders as of now but that will change over time as the developers will no doubt increase that list. It will provide playback for MPEG / MPG, AVI, MP3 file formats as well as other media formats.


Hopefully after the research has been conducted and tests complete, the media application should also include decoders for formats like, DivX, WMA and WMV, with support for FLAC and OGG.

This was in discussion since the iPhone first hit the shelves.

The developers were intrested, but they neither had an iPhone nor was an SDK released

So the only way was to buy and iPhone and hack it. This voids warranty, so the devs decided to wait for SDK release

The project is being worked on at the moment since iPhone SDK is out

This is going to be similar to "Familiar Linux" VLC, in the sense that its VLC for another mobile phone, but it can't support all formats nor can it support some features due to phone architecture limitations

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Nothing yet.

so work IS progressing.

Source: I am a long time member of VLC Forums and I used to practically live there till their forum started blocking my IP for no reason. Later jbk told me that it was because of a small bug. Its fixed now.

And yes, Android VLC is going to be the next project after iPhone VLC(source: google rumour)


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^ Thnx for the above news .... didn't knew many of those points !

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CoreCodec's Coreplayer 1.3 for iPhone is near its completion, but it is always good to have a free universal player for the iPhone....:)
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