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Apple got Sued by Flatworld for all their Touchscreen Devices...


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Wow... This is truly Interesting and I am all set with pop Corn to see where this is going to be....

I think Flatworld does stand Chance here even though they will get eaten by Apple Lawyers...

Apple sued over touch technology patent

If anyone interested to go through Law suit here it is
Flatworld sues Apple over touch screen patent

As far I understand it's not the touch screen they are suing ,its all about the touch screen interface and behaviour.. Also I strongly believe this will settle out of the court. I hope it doesn't happen like that...

What say you Guys.....


That's a joke !! and a nice one !! :grin:

It took 5 years for them to sue Apple OMG !! FlatWorld is just looking for easy money !! :grin: :grin:


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What about other companies using similar touch technology?

That's exactly my point too ,maybe If they win this case against Apple . They might go against others too...

I need to go through the File law suit thoroughly in leisure time exactly what actually Apple Violated..


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They are after apple because perhaps they started the whole thing in the first place.


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No doubt they were on a mad rage suing Samsung for copying Ipad's shape, suing everyone they could with all the power they had in their ass.

I guess Karma has turned its focus now :D


Lol Samsung was copying Apple. Even a child could make that out. I was glad they sued them. Unfortunately too late.


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Let samsung have a break :) :-D Every company likes to sue other companies nowadays, its like the IPL in between the international cricket :-D


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I dont know how apple is gona defend themselves this time as the sue by Flatworld seems legitimate. I went through that file and saw that apple has been using and selling touchscreen technology for at least 8 months after which only they got the reuse of patent permission from Flatworld

Apple seems to be in deep trouble now.


Sith Lord
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the whole patent system seems to exist so lawyers have some work to do, its not really protecting or encouraging innovation
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