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APPLE get Patent shock !


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we all know the Apple's famous "thermo nuclear War on 'Android' in all over the world...after getting knocked by SAMSUNG in Germany and in Australia, second round of shock has been delivered by the ITC judge Theodore ruled that Motorola didn’t violate Apple’s rights on three patents.
Motorola Mobility was accused by Apple of infringing three patents, including two that cover touch screen technology.

One Apple patent issued in October 2010 and expiring in 2019 is for devices that can react to different types of manual input, such as tapping, sliding or pinching. A second, issued in February 2010 and expiring in 2024, is for a touch panel that can recognize multiple touches by the fingers of a user.

The third patent, which was issued in 1995 and expires in 2013, is for a way to add components without having to run an installation program or rebooting.

source:Apple Loses Ruling in Patent Case Against Motorola Mobility - Bloomberg
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