Anybody plays this MMORPG?

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Nebody plays A3 around here ???
Long time since it has been launched...
I don't seem any thread related to that...


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I played it for a while. And honestly speaking it got pretty boring pretty fast...monsters were shyte and the general gameplya wasnt upto scratch....dumped it long back.


I got this A3 game today by Sify people thru courier :shock:. I don't remember if I had requested for this game ever. Infact, never heard of it before :lol:. The package has a pretty thick 'Gamer Manual' too. Let me check how it is.


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What's A3? The only A3 I know of is the Audi A3 and it's a darn nice car when upgraded. :D Anyway, please give a little more info about this game.


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A3 stands for Art, Alive and Attraction.

Art represents the game's visual ecstacy, with a cinematic style and beautiful visual effects.

Alive represents the game's extreme reality, including motion captured graphics and detailed backgrounds.

Last, attraction reprsents the cast, who gamer's will find themselves very attracted and drawn to.

From the game manual.


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dude seriously weak!

dude if u ask me a3india sucks and it sucks big time really! the only thing that is good in it iits charcter modelling and sm stunning graphics besides these a3 really sucks.i'd a player @lvl 20 [no i did not lvl it alone i distributed it 2 tons of my frnds] seesh this was really tough.besides controls r outof the world u cannot understand wats wat.and my god dam shue died 2 times after reaching4lvl[shue is apet given 2 every job class in the game] dude if u r looing fr mmorpg then i say u must play ragnarok well every1 says the game is childish coz of its charcters but besides graphics this game has a lot more 2 give 2 u there r sm quest that even gm's dont know the game is really deep if u play it. i've got 5 characters in the game 1 is@ 84 and rest r just@50's belive me it is not @ all booring like a3 and is is much more user friendly than a3 the current beta version offers a very little of ro but thing v'll change soon.andthe main thing is the game info u can hardly find foroums of a3 on any of the sites and besides ro has thousands of foroums 2 guide u through out the game.....well guyz if u take my advise stop playin a3 and start ro
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