1. S

    icool cabinets & PSU

    anybody ever used an icool cabinet PSU? i saw a high end rig of its in nehru place and it was selling for 2.35k with a 500W PSU. nebody know how good it is? if so then plz post a review
  2. max_snyper

    PSU Help????

    hi max here again..... i think tomm. i'm gonna purchase a sapphire hd3870 512mb with it should purchase a new psu or should i go with my old psu (iball lpe223-400)400w i would like to purchase a good psu(400w) near Rs.1k-1.5k can nebody suggest a new PSU......
  3. T

    StartUp Probs!!!

    Whenever i try to change my startup config. using msconfig. it asks me to log in as an administrator to take the changes effect. But i'm the adminitrator of my PC. can nebody tell me what should i do?
  4. T

    Pendrive Woes

    Hi i've Transcend Pen drive. Now when i try to play the video from the pen drive in Windows media player. I could listen only the sound. I am not able to see the video. I tried to run it in the Real Player, And JetAudio but the same result. I am also not able to copy data from my drive to PC...
  5. rohus24

    kaspersky problem

    hi guys today morning i tried to update my kis definitions but one or more files were not being downloaded. can nebody clarify if they r also facin the same problem? thanks rohit
  6. M

    kodak c663??

    i m getting a really gud deal on a new kodak c663 digital camera(11k,includes 512 mb card,battery charger etc.).I read mixed reviews of it on the net.If nebody has had ne experiences with this camera plz share ur suggestions n experiences abt this camera...
  7. S

    Anybody plays this MMORPG?

    Nebody plays A3 around here ??? Long time since it has been launched... I don't seem any thread related to that... Anybody?
  8. rockthegod

    Regarding NFSUG2 Soundtracks...

    nebody kno the procedure of importing tracks (soundtracks) into NFSUG2 replacing the default ones ???? (compared 2 the songs in old NFSUG, the tracks in UG2 suck !!!) ... it was easy with UG1 ...but with UG 2 thr seems 2 be no fast n easy tweaking tools available...if nebody knows..plzzzzz post...
  9. A

    Cloaking/Masking a url

    Hey friends.......... I have a my own site...... I want to place a cloaking script(if nebody cud gimme one) which shows in the address bar some other site. Need not be mine. I mean i cud give an effect to the surfer that it's a microsoft site. Nebody can help?
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