1. S

    World of Warcraft

    Hey guys I just started playing on retail since December and been on and off. Anyone here on Digit Forums who plays it?
  2. sandynator

    Which Movie player Supports HEVC/H.265 video in Android

    I'm trying to play a F HD MKV movie encoded in x265 in my Asus Zenfone 5 as well as nexus 7 2012 but unable to play it smoothly. MX player plays it very slow & audio pauses in between after 30 secs. VLC is unable to show video properly but audio seems to be smooth sailing. Media player...
  3. M

    Urgent PC buying advice needed

    i'm going to gift my younger brother a good gaming PC my budget is 25k for the cpu Information required on following. (i) Ram- size and mhz??? (ii)Motherboard (iii)processor (iv)gaming card (v)smps the games he plays are fifa16, gta v , Modern warfare and similar games. i want to...
  4. S

    Reviews on this AMD Kabini Laptop

    If any of you guys have purchase this laptop. Can you post your review about it. Cant seem to find a decent review about this laptop. Looking specifically towards web browsing performance. Crysis 3 gaming if playable even at lowest settings. I have read that it plays HD 1080p movies without...
  5. T

    Sachin Tendulkar to retire

    Really? This West Indies tour , people in the media are talking about Sachin retiring when he plays for his 200th Test match. Will this be THE END? :-(
  6. doomgiver

    [Want to Buy] Mp3 player with removable storage.

    budget : ~2000 INR something like sansa clip+ very basic player needed, no frills. i dont even care if it just has a tiny screen and plays music, i wont be using it for anything else, anyway. also, MUST HAVE EXPANDABLE STORAGE, like, removable memory cards (hot swappable is a definite + )
  7. A

    LA NOIRE not working!!!

    I recently bought this game and it is complete edition. i have installed this game in my F: drive. while running it gave me two errors (dx9_43 and dx11_43) so i serched in the CD and copied it to the game directory. after that game started . but it stops at the LA NOIRE LOGO and the music...
  8. M

    A New Multimedia Laptop

    I want to buy a new laptop cum a mini-theatre. My budget is around Rs 40000. Though I will use it mostly for watching movies it won't hurt to have a laptop which is even more powerful and plays games like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Portability and battery life doesn't matter. What options...
  9. V

    Hd 6850

    My rig is on my sig.. Well, now, I've been playing fifa12 for the past few days.. Why does it lag? I mean, for 2 minutes it plays fine, and the next 2, it lags. When I play CODMW3, it never lags nor does cod4, why fifa?
  10. D

    Sony Mini Hi Fi System MHC-GZR5D

    I purchased the product three years back. Within the warranty period it showed problem reading 3 movie moserbaer SDVD. The technician visited at home and told that the problem is with optical system and has to be replaced, but didnot replace it within the warranty period. Later I got it replaced...
  11. cooldudie3

    Heroes of Newerth

    Hey, been a while since I've posted in this forum. I've recently started playing a RTS game called HoN. Anybody here who plays it? Also know about the war of HoN vs LoL. Which one do you like and why?
  12. Darshan Singh

    Encoding Videos for iPod Touch

    Hi guys, I purchased iPod Touch last month. Now the problem is that although it plays videos in 720p but fails to play some other videos. I have videos in various formats but it plays only mp4 videos and not all of them too. I think it supports files only with specific characteristics. I...
  13. B

    Cheapest phone that plays flac files natively

    Does anyone know of a cell phone that plays flac files natively, or otherwise, and preferably cheap.
  14. J

    5.1 Home theatre Problem

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my hometheater 5.1. I am Using the onboard sound card its 8 channel supported and the sound mangger m using is Realtek ALC892. I have problem facing with my speaker that is whenever I tries to plays the right speaker using the realtek mager to test...
  15. quan chi

    youtube problem please help.

    allright guys i dont understand i am facing this problem from yesterday night. in youtube the video usually starts within 3-4 seconds after i open it.and goes on for about 23-50 seconds before the first lag or the loading then again it goes smooth. but from yesterday night it started...
  16. rajeshjsl 3gp playing problem

    ok i have nokia n70 and using i can play streaming 3gp youtube videos with aac+ audio quality and no errors in streaming . but on pc except real player no player plays the stream . also real player doesnot decode the SBR part of the aac+ audio it simple plays at 22khz which...
  17. arpanmukherjee1

    8600 gt unproductive

    hi people,, comp_cfg dual cor 2.8ghz, 2gb ram 945gc mb nvidia 8600gt 512mb it does not play eve the HD vid of digit dvd. initially smps was of 350 w changed it to 450W without any effect. plays trackmania at very low frame rate. dont know what to do with it.... plz help.
  18. ayushman9

    FARCRY 2 Audio not working

    I am using asus p5b-mx/wifi ap ,with inbuilt realtek HD Audio . I Recently bought far cry 2 ,and run that in medium settings . However no sound ( right from the beginning FMV ,UBISOFT LOGO ) etc plays . However when i launch it's inbuilt benchmark tools the sound plays perfectly . I am...
  19. T


    Hey, Ma Granddad has a huge collection of almost 70 records (including Long Plays and Extended Plays). Now as we do not have a record player we want to sell da records on Ebay. Could anyone plz tell me da estimated price of each record to be sold P.S. His records are almost 40 yrs. old In...
  20. sagardani

    How to play .mkv files on television (or HDTV) w/o converting them to DivX ?

    I've loads of compressed HD stuff on PC and my hard disc is getting full of it. So I need to burn them on DVD. But I just want to know- how can I play them on TV? I don't want to waste time in converting them in DivX. I think Xbox plays mkv files. So if just burn right now them on a DVD as data...
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