Anybody doing RHCE there?

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Hai all :D ,
I completed RHCE Course from Cochin.Now building tension :( on what to do
for getting better in troubleshooting etc.also the exams are now based on RHEL4!.Please Post your thoughts :)


I've just started studying for RHCE[RHCEL].Got 2 semesters before I complete my graduation after which I'll give it a shot.
I've completed MCSE & CCNA till now.
What further to do will depend on your area of interest.
There are lot of certifications in the market that will give you a edge over the others plus help you understand at the granular level.

For example the CWNA[Certified Wireless Network Administrator],I'm not sure if any institute here in India have this on their prospectus.Though there isnt much into it if you dont follow it practically in practise.
For that matter no certification is gonna help if you cant do it practically on a site.

One more thing I would like to add is TCP/IP is a huge subject,from what I know mastering it will not only make your understanding better it will help you in various area or fields like Network Intruson,Packet Analysis..

There is huge market out there for networking,security & incident handling to name a few,what you want will depend upon your field of interest & liking.Just my 2 cents ;)


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:D Thought of getting some good books(hard copie),but Michael Jang's RHCE
Study guide book is not available in india :roll: also it is based on RHEL 3.
also it seems if u r not joining official course be prepared to shellout 15k while official rhce students only needed to pay 10K!.


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There is a good ebook from mcgraw hill..

but the best is the books provided by redhat itself when u do their course..


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I have vast experience with Debian administration. But there's no certification for debian enthusiasts. Plus I dont have time to study espicially for exams. I guess i'll stay uncertified for the time being.
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