1. C

    RHCE & MCSA certification

    Hi, I'm from Mumbai. I plan to pursue MCSA & RHCE Certification along side CCNA. I came across CMS Institute, Dadar, Mumbai which is offering CCA & CITCA curriculum covering above as well as additional training on RHEV, ITIL, Hyper V. I would like to know if its worth doing all course under...
  2. J

    Scope of RHCE Certified Fresher in India

    Hi frndz, I am planning to do RHCE course, What is the scope and the chance for getting job?? Plz help
  3. R

    Rhce certification training

    Hi everyone, Im new to linux, and I practiced well & now I feel I can take certification RHCE. One of my friend was telling in order to attend the RHCE certification go to the partner training center where you will get lab experience , mock papers ,and also hands off. So Im searching for...
  4. P


    Hi, I am RHCE and working as sys admin. Is it better to do RHCSS or CCNA+CCNP? Please suggest. Regards, Sekhar
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Need to study Fedora for College...

    Well my college needs me to use fedora for linux related stuff. I guess that means I have to postpone my gentoo installation until later. So please suggest me what to do. Here they use fedora gnome edition so I have no choice but to use it as much as I dislike gnome. I mostly need advice on...
  6. A

    Q about .net course

    hi im net to programming i have done my ccna and mcse i want to do .net now can anyone help me with the details of the course and what kind of job i can get by doing that course im interestes in system administration and if .net is not suitable for me i will do rhce. -thanks.
  7. iinfi

    which is the best place to learn for RHCE??

    some of you folks mite v done linux certification here. plz tell which is the best place in mumbai for training towards RHCE. i knw it requires practice n self effort. but for initial training which is the best place? i v seen aptech advertise the course but its not to be found in Red Hat...
  8. C

    Which computer course worth its salt?

    I am seeking comments on these courses # "Genius" from SRM Infotech # MCSE # RHCE # CCNA thanks in advance.
  9. iinfi

    RHCE n more queries

    i m gona learn linux system admin n oracle DBA frm training institue to clear RHCE ... ODBA exams over a period of time... how long does it normally take for a person to clear RHCE ?? (how many months preparation??) course contents: 1.Red Hat Linux Essentials 2.Red Hat Linux Administration...
  10. ~Phenom~

    RHCE Queries...

    Hi Guys, My friend(He is an Electronics Engineer 2007 passout) is planning to do a course in linux , so he has asked me a few queries which I am putting here. 1.Which different linux courses are available in India ???( I was only knowing about RHCE so told that ) 2. What is the scope of RHCE in...
  11. aditya.shevade

    Is RHCE worth taking?

    Hi There is going to be an RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) course in my college. I was thinking maybe I would join it.... What I need to know is, is it worth taking? I mean, does it help? Please give me your opinions. Will love to hear from someone who has experienced it. Aditya
  12. Manshahia

    cost of RHCE in one month.

    what is the cost of RHCE in one month.
  13. V

    RHCE Sample Question papers?

    Can you suggest some websites that offer RHCE sample question papers?
  14. praka123

    Anybody doing RHCE there?

    Hai all :D , I completed RHCE Course from Cochin.Now building tension :( on what to do for getting better in troubleshooting etc.also the exams are now based on RHEL4!.Please Post your thoughts :)
  15. L

    To RHCE or not to RHCE?

    hi, iam doing my btech... do cerifications matter..i mean as a fresher do they carry any weightage?? does getting red hat certi matter? logicbomber
  16. V

    ABOUT RHCE...??

    Hi all... now i want to know for the RHCE can ne1 have the detailed infos about RHCE .pls post to me... and wht is the basic requirements to get RHCE...
  17. D

    Help about RHCE

    Hey guys, I thought about to get RHCE cert, when i talked to RHCE partner here, they said that u need to get tutorial from RHCE partner only, this is a requirement for RHCE(they hv asked for 8k for this tutorial classes). So guys tell me is it there or they r just bugging me.
  18. N

    :: Most Valued ::

    Which is the most valued certification today? RHCE Microsoft Certifications Cisco Certifications or any other plz specify..
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