Any catch in Sancharnet

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Aseem Nasnodkar

In the zone
I heard abt d special ph line given by sancharnet for Rs 500 p.m.
With unlimited internet but depending on th no of hours u own.

Is there ne catch. Bcause the deal looks so profiting to the consumer.
Can nebody giv me proper details about the billing.

I mean 2 say if I sit in the night time(after 11:00) only so that my hours r free. Will I get only 500 pm bill???
No other charges???

Pls help fast


Cyborg Agent
i use this option there are no catch the bill is of Rs 532/- pm but remember internet access is still Rs 5 or Rs 6 per hour depending if you use prepaid or net one services.

Aseem Nasnodkar

In the zone
Wat 5 to 6 Rs.
If I pay onetime charges for 25 hrs package say 165/-
And if I sit only in the free hours ie whole of Sunday and after 11:00 in the night then I should be able to use it for 6 months by only paying 500 pm. Isn't it???


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hey this is only for the data calls(172***) not for isp...., isp charges will have to be paid extra..., this will work out to those who use internet heavily...


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the 2nd line of bsnl has no caches

499/- rental no access / pulse charges

no incoming or outgoing calls

only calls to 172*** are allowed

but you have to purchase an isp package i mean any one sancharnet / sify / wilnet / enfinet / worldgate

this is a good option it you can not have acess to broadband

i am using the same and there are many on the same option here.



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I need internet access in virar.
We already have a r connect account but its very slow.
Are there any other options available cable or dialup etc.
Unlimited access would be preffered.
Price no bar but need performance.
PLease reply.


Cyborg Agent
If price is no bar you can talk to Huyes for a T1 satalite link that they can provide any where on earth. It is realy fast and belive me you will never complain on the "slow speed". You know i love people who say "PRICE NO BAR" may your tribe increase.
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