1. nithinks

    Ip Address Of Sancharnet

    Hello members, Can anyone tell me the ip address of sancharnet? its required to connect to the net.. using their dialup account.
  2. J

    call rates in sancharnet connection

    i am the new user of sancharnet connection(dial up). what is the pulse rate(call rate) during night time / during national holidays / sundays while using internet/e-mail? please ....
  3. The Incredible

    Landline, Sancharnet & Online Bills!

    Hi! I wanna know that whether BSNL provides any day-to-day updates for its fixed phone users. My problem is that i've a landline from BSNL for many years. Few years earlier i got Sancharnet connection. And now there is a billing problem which i can know that how much hours I have wasted...
  4. R


    Happy hours for sancharnet???.I have used PSTN for 2 hrs.After it i have checked the account balance.Not reduced 2 hours.Is it free hour??.(I have broswed at 6.oo.p.m. today)Try and check it...Why like this???help me.
  5. A

    Any catch in Sancharnet

    I heard abt d special ph line given by sancharnet for Rs 500 p.m. With unlimited internet but depending on th no of hours u own. Is there ne catch. Bcause the deal looks so profiting to the consumer. Can nebody giv me proper details about the billing. I mean 2 say if I sit in the night...
  6. hard_rock

    Can't connect to Internet thru Win98se

    Hey Guyz........I have Win98se and winxp pro and my problem is I can't view any websites in Windows 98.... :cry: :cry: :cry: that is I use Sancharnet Dial up account n modem dials and it shows logging onto network and gets connected to internet. But I can't view any website in any...
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