1. Æsoteric Positron

    The Hot Wheels Thread

    Seeing people's interest in appreciating each other's hotwheels collection (one of only things I used to collect), I figured that we should have a place where we can post just that! Any post related to hotwheels is appreciated here; posting your collection is expected. The collection don't have...
  2. warfreak

    Any aquarium enthusiasts?

    Hi, I have recently gotten hold of a 25 gallon cube aquarium. I am currently trying to initiate the cycling process. I am planning to create a tropical Indochinese biotope to begin with. Lots of aquatic plants and a few schooling fish. I was wondering if anyone here shares this hobby...
  3. P

    buy parrot online

    hello guys i want to buy a parrot online can u suggest me a website that sells parrot online in India Make My Hobby!, The one stop shop for all your Hobby needs. have it but they have only 2 kinds of parrot to choose thanks
  4. Disc_Junkie

    For the hobbyist remixers...........

    Do you like remixing tracks?? I love it a lot and do it as a hobby. I create tracks in FL Studio 8 and hear them. But I don't know much about the different components of FL Studio. I just use the FL Keys and FL Slayer but there are many inbuilt plugins. I use AV Music Morpher 4 for isolating...
  5. power_8383

    ^(*)^ Advice Needed ^(*)^

    Hi guys, I am a hardcore nature, wildlife lover but not a professional wildlife photographer. Taking wildlife photos is my hobby. This time I've decided to buy a good digital camera. My budget is 20000 Rs at the most. I need a good Digicam in this budget, so plz advice me which camera will be...
  6. Help~Is~Here

    Do you have a hobby? What is it?

    Hi All I've been working over the last couple of months on a website which I believe is quite different from all others. Although there might be different kind of permutations of the content that is there online, the concept of the wesite is clear. Hobbies and only Hobbies. It's a website...
  7. gary4gar

    Is it possible? [just a thought]

    hey i came across a idea of someone on a other forum. "For every complex problem, there exists a solution that is simple, concise, and totally wrong"
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