[Complaint] "ANTEC PSU" Thanks to my digit friends, who helped me to get ANTEC warranty


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a possible solution:
buy corsair psu & also get a cheap Rs.700 local psu,when corsair psu goes bad send it to rma & use the cheap one for few days(as corsair rma is good & fast) after taking out your gfx card & using onboard graphics & obviously no overclocking/loading cpu beyond 50-60%.:D


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:lol: BTW, What about Seasonic in small cities/town?

you will even find it difficult in metro cities(i guess so ;)). as [MENTION=15026]topgear[/MENTION] menationed, There's no gurantee that you will get a seasonic psu in Rma. also i heard if you dont buy seasonic psu from overclockerz zone, they wont even take it for rma.

Important Note:

The current Seasonic distributor for India (Tirupati Enterprises) is only honouring warranties for those units that are purchased directly from them. As of now, many dealers have reported that they are either not honouring warranty for Seasonic units distributed by them by creating some hassle during RMA process and referring them back to the dealer. Long story made short, they are making dealers to discourage them from selling online, though some stores have said that they're doing the same with physical stores who have their own site for selling online.

Why do they do this? Why doesn't Seasonic intervene? Unfortunately that's a question for another day. Simply put, unless you purchase from them (overclockerszone) you will end up facing hassle at some point. This has been happening for a while now.

As of now, stick with recommending other brands- Antec, Coolermaster, etc. Note that VS, CX and RM series should be avoided as of now. Note that reviews under certain series are advertising power supply reviews based on initial design/ components on first model. There is a level of bait-and-switch of components are happening along with newer rev, even changing OEMs at one point. Check the actual model number mentioned on the power supply reviews (on the pics showing power supply labelling). No issues with AX non-i series that I've heard so far.

Thermaltake is rumoured to be handled by Acro Engineering, but I am not sure of the RMA procedure and the reputation of Thermaltake PSU. I believe toughpower is a good option. I've also heard Antec switched to Acro Engineering, so available should be as good as Coolermaster IMO.

If you're buying from online marketplaces like Flipkart and Snapdeal, make sure its from 'overclockerszone'. You can always buy it from their website overclockerszone.com or something like that.


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Yeah, I have got the replacement, no questions asked.
As soon as the damaged PSU is arrived on Antec centre, I've got the replacement.
Courier guys messed it all up.

That's great. :)

After reading your thread, I got Antec VP550P from a local store itself. :p
I paid more than the online prices though.


That's great. :)

After reading your thread, I got Antec VP550P from a local store itself. :p
I paid more than the online prices though.

That is always good bro. Atleast you can go there yourself when something goes wrong ;) Hope it won't.
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