Answer What I Asked Or I'll Be Banned

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Broken In
I know hacking talks are not allowed here.

But asking sites of hacking forum , will it be illegal ?????

If it is illegal then DONT reply.

and if its legal just to know the site, then only reply.



Ethical Hacking is not at all illegal. There is a way big difference b/w Hacking & Cracking, both the terms are often used interchangeably.

For ethical hacking, there are various forums, however I found the best. It has lots of practice for newbies, and forums where you can discuss you're problems and general hacking :) .


Cyborg Agent
Hard to knw if a person is asking for knowledge or wit malafide intention. Dont think detailed hacking discussions allowed here... U can ask abt safeguarding urself but not "how to hack"
Not open for further replies.
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