1. Samarth 619

    Legal to let people play PS4/ Xbox games in your shop?

    Hey guys, I am going to get possession of a shop in apartments soon. I plan on opening a combined store with few services like:- Photography (Event and studio both), Printing, Computer related work, Notes for students, Job/ typing work, some eatables, and the last very important part:- Video...
  2. G

    How to buy a legal copy of Windows 8.1?

    I don't want to be saddled with a fake or oem version of Windows 8.1 . Where exactly can I buy a legal copy in Delhi? Or will it be safe to buy it online? An engineer friend of mine recommended this site - - Is it safe? I can download a legal iso image and activate with the...
  3. ankush28

    Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States

    Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States after a historic supreme court ruling that declared attempts by conservative states to ban them unconstitutional. In what may prove the most important civil rights case in a generation, five of the nine court justices...
  4. W

    Legal Advise required. Being Spammed by

    Hi, I had registered for a Naukri profile and had provided my email. Since i noticed i did no longer require it, I had later decided to close my account. I did not find an option that could even deactivate let alone close my account. I mailed them, they suggested I change my visibility...
  5. sling-shot

    Will the ISO downloaded from this site be legal?

    I have come across this website Windows 8.1 Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Official It allegedly provides legal Windows 8.1 Professional ISO for free download. I believe free is not as in free beer but free to create installation media from which a bloatware free install of Windows is...
  6. V

    Should I Mine Bitcoins

    hi i am having a r9 280x gpu so i thought lets mining and make some money :-D so is bitcoin mining legal in India ? If its legal I would like to know the how to minnig and can i mine part time :lol: MY RIG :*
  7. B

    Need Help !!! Selling My old Phone in OLX

    Hii Friends I want to sell my old samsung galaxy ace in Is there any Legal issue that I should know or might have after sell. Thanks in advance
  8. anvesh

    Is embedding someone shoutcast server legal?

    If I embedd music player in my website and set the source as someone else's shout cast or any other radio server address, is it legal ?
  9. K

    Unlocking Phones

    Hi guys! I wanted to know that is it possible to unlock a T mobile/AT&T phone in Canada and send it India??Is it Legal to do it? As phones are available very cheap in Foreign countries.. Thank you .. Help will be appreciated..
  10. W

    Is it safe to buy iphone factory unlocked from ebay

    Hello TDF membes, I am new to the forum and want to buy a smartphone. Coming straight to my query.....Is it safe and legal to buy factory unlocked phones from ebay. My eyes are set on this.... Brand New Factory Unlocked Apple Iphone 4S - 32GB | eBay My queries/doubts:-- 1. Is it safe and...
  11. TheLetterD

    IP address of A Fake Facebook ID

    Hello Someone made a fake ID of a close friend of mine, is there any legal way to obtain the account creator's IP Address? And there is a third friend whose dad is in the Police and if he gets the IP address he can immediately track it down. Please I need help asap! Cuz this guy has a...
  12. Desmond

    Apple gets victory over Motorola over "Slide to unlock" feature.

  13. mohityadavx

    Kagzaat Online Free Legal Documentation - A Website By ME

    KAGZAAT UPDATE Added Promissory Note ( Promissory note is used as security while lending/borrowing money. Details see here Site Got featured/reviewed here Bar & Bench LawisGreek Freewaregenius Important (Since I am not able to add poll to this thread) Kagzaat is a website which provides...
  14. F

    are e-books and chm files available for free download legal ?

    I just needed some e-books on networking, so i googled it. I found pdfs and many chm files available for free download and also some HUGE torrents... I want to know that are these books legal ..? ?
  15. F

    Finding Legal (and Free) Torrents

  16. Tech.Masti

    how to hide IP???

    how to hide IP address?? i know there is some ready software available, but is there any good freeware available???? thanx..... Note: i have no idea about legality of this issue, no idea that hiding ip is legal or not, so if it not ok to post here, please mods delete it.... :(
  17. sygeek

    Nokia wins legal battle against Apple

    Nokia wins legal battle against Apple
  18. navraj

    MFP with ability to Scan Legal sized document

    I need a MFP which can scan/print Legal sized document (216x356 cm). Since the flatbed scanners for this size are very expensive, so a model with Flatbed along with an ADF should work for me. Fax is not a requirement but no harm i bundled. My budget is around 15k. Can somebody help me in this...
  19. D

    How to buy softwares online- pls help

    How can I buy Original Software Online. Can trial version be converted into Full paid version by paying online. What is the legal procedure to do that. I m interested in Antivirus Products to buy online.
  20. paroh

    PSJailbreak ruled legal in Spain, Sony must now pay damages

    PSJailbreak ruled legal in Spain, Sony must now pay damages [source] PSJailbreak ruled legal in Spain, Sony must now pay damages | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics
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