AMD takes wraps off of quad-core design!!!

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blackpearl said:
Obviously, you haven't checked the scores. Look again. The c2d beats the 2 Opterons in all the CPU tests.

3DMARK06 CPU Test:

Opteron: 3697
Core2 : 2551

Opteron wins by 45% -- Conroe doesn't win here.


Opteron: 1554
Core2 : 903

Opteron wins by 72% -- Conroe doesn't win here.

well the above is the only true cpu benchmarks there...and cant u do maths eh?

HDR and SM doesnt depend on cpu alone dear....and they havent even mentioned the type of graphics those systems are having...

and do u know what is that total benchmark...i dont know what it is....if u know then plzz enlighten me abt it....

and well how can hdd speeds be compared..we dont even know what kind of hdd's both were using....the ones on core 2 duo system might have been faster who knows.....

and about the adobe tests...they havent even mentioned what they have obviously its not conclusive....and they havent even mentioned the type of graphics those systems are having as it will depend on it as well...

so instead of looking at numbers i sugggest u think about it little bit...well its not ur fault its jus that their title is so misleading


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1st, its unfair to take two processors versusa dualcore but single processor
2nd, opterons are meant for servers and workstation while conroe is for desktops..again unfair
3rd, opterons in the test conducted above were on 4 GB DDR2-667 SDRAM while c2E was on 2 GB DDR2-533 SDRAM.
4th, the OS for Opterons specified is XP64 while for c2e its not specified.
5th, more than a CPU comapirison, this is a system comaprision that highlight s the traits of the HP product or wutever it is :|

Quotes from the site that should clear the picture-:
Keeping in mind that it's a single-processor against two processors with this HP machine, the performance of the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor was remarkable, as borne out in our benchmarks. The single processor soundly beats the two dual-core Opterons in tests one through six of our After Effects suite of benchmarks, encompassing bitmap rendering, Adobe Illustrator graphics rendering, video composite and animation projects, as well as a virtual set. If you're doing a lot of these kinds of tasks in After Effects, the Intel Core 2 Extreme chip will be a faster performer for you.
Of course, testing these dual Opteron machines against a single-processor Intel Core 2 Extreme workstation is a classic apples-to-oranges comparison. But what we learned in this test is that the fastest Opteron processors are nowhere near as quick as Intel's latest Core 2 technology. Heck, just one of the dual-core Core 2 Extreme chips can beat two of the dual-core Opterons in many tests. Keeping that in mind, we'll next bring one of the newest dual Intel Xeon (Woodcrest) workstations into our Midwest Test Facility labs, where their dual/dual-core Core 2 technology has the potential to show these Opterons who's boss.
oh, and one more interesting thing, if ya havent seen already ;)
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