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i have a hp pavilion dv 6516tx laptop.....i brought it last year...but now a days i am facing few problems with the battey....the battery life i am getting is only for 45min - 1 hr there anyway i can increase my battery life...mine's a 6 cell lithium battery....
please help me....


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Can anybody suggest a good laptop for 50K. I will mostly play games on it.

Hey guys i wanna buy a laptop with 9600m GT.Budget 50K-55K.
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Can anybody suggest a good laptop for 50K. I will mostly play games on it.

Hey guys i wanna buy a laptop with 9600m GT.Budget 50K-55K.

Brother 9600GT laptops are not present yet in any country. But you can get DELL M1530 with 8600GT graphics starting at 53000. Choose a good processor atleast 2.2Ghz for good gaming experience.

I find that all popular version of DELL are available through their dealers on the spot !

You are lucky one year back people have to buy in the internet to get DELL. I too bought my lappy via internet.


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Hi Guys, me just joined dis forum....

I want to buy a good gaming laptop and 80k is my budget...I stay at hostel so cannot buy a desktop.have considered the following, kindly give me ur expert opinions and views:

1.) Acer 8920g - 18.4" HD screen, blue-ray, 5.1 speakers, nvidia 9600GT 512
2.) HP dv5-1016TX- 15.4", bluray, nvidia 9600GT 512
3.)Dell XPS 1530

Guys please help me out, dere's an offer wid pavalion dats gets u a philips 5.1 home theatre system worth RS.10,500 only fr dis month, so if i hv to buy a d hp 1016tx, will hv to buy it by d end of this month.

All help greatly appreciated.


Right off the assembly line bought the hp dv5 1016tx....but it gets heated up really fast....any of d other owners experienced it???

plz lemme know wat to do..or is dere any problem wid my laptop.....


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hello frienddssss...
i want to buy a new laptop which would be about 45k.
and which have 2gb ram, 260gb sata,grafic card for latest games,higher than 2 giga heartz...
pls give me full detail.....


i own DELL STUDIO1535
i got windows vista installed in it
i want to remove this and install WIN XP and LINUX
can anyone tell me that from where i can get the drivers for my laptop.
for both operating systems


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HP 1104AX (AMD processor with 512MB graphics card) or HP 1104TU (with C2D and no graphics card)

Both are below 50k and come with 3GB ram, 320GB HDD, DVD writer


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I require a tough laptop with loads of RAM-3~4GB for processor intensive applications. For applications which proc is the best AMD or Intel's? Budget:<=35000INR. Pls post the config if possible. The laptop should be on the cooler side.
Thanks in advance.


Is the graphics ram in the dell studio 15 ddr2 or ddr3 ....and is changing from 256 to 512 going to improve performance significantly? The laptop has a ATI 4570 graphics card..


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Hullo, everybody,
My friend want to buy a laptop with a budget of Rs48,000
His uses are minimal but want to buy the best 48k has to offer.
He aims to replace his desktop with a laptop but must be portable enough and must be high on connectivity.

Can you suggest me some models that are the best within the range.

I checked sony models, but with this budget the available models are lack lustre.


dell studio 15 (48K) the Zenith director plus ultra too (44K)....there are lots of discussions going on about it on other threads....check it out


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can any one tell me do i add graphic card in it. that means is it have a graphic card slot????:cry:
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