ADSL modem problem. pls help

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Guys I have BSNL broadband connection with ADSL modem(from ZTE). a few days ago a landslide ocurred nearby and the telephone wire snapped in two there.the ppl from bsnl came repaired it (i think temporarily, this is how goverment works are done in our country... :sigh: ). since then sometime the dsl connection fails occasionally and the dsl light starts blinking on the modem. after a few moments the connection reestablishes. It's really irritating. What could be the problem????

Your Line, it has suffered. its not something you could fix yourself.
you need to file a complaint with BSNL.


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Hey bro its just not ur prob....
Its ou fav. BSNL so same here here no landslide occured but still what to do after all its our beloved bsnl.....
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