1. kg11sgbg

    Wifi Router(only) for alliance broaddband and below Rs.1000(not a single paise above)

    Hello friends,I am switching over to ALLIANCE Broadband (Preferred+) Plan. Abandoning BSNL, which was my network ISP since 2007(with combo voice + BB features). I want a wifi-Router(not with combo modem) below Rs.1000/- Not a single paise to exceed the budget. From which one should I buy...
  2. B

    Errors in Win 10

    Hi guys, My cousin got a Win 10 laptop last week. We are facing few errors. The Windows version is Windows 10 Home Single Language, check this * We got this error yesterday afternoon, when Firefox with few tabs was opened. It all froze for few minutes and...
  3. M

    Suggest a Workhorse Laptop for Coding and Occasional Gaming

    I currently have an HP- P077TX.I'm selling this since HP really sucks. i mean realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sucks...................... #1 DOA 1st Piece #2 Display Issue #3 Replaced HDD in 6months #4 Charging too much for replacing a single key(1800INR)- i still have the key. #4...
  4. AshurainX

    Need help from Lenovo Y500 users.

    I need to clean install the OS on a new hdd and for that I need to download the media creation tool from the microsoft website. The problem is that, I know my laptop had windows 8 single language but i'm not sure if its the "single language with bing" version or the one without bing. Also I need...
  5. K

    Kt total security

    Hi Guys, I am using internet a lot. I would like to buy a single user K7 TOTAL SECURITY for my laptop. May I buy it?
  6. anarchy0x

    To buy Sony Xperia C4 from or not?

    Buying it for my mom, I'm getting for 14,999.00 from Without BOX Imported Sony Xperia C4 Dual SIM 16GB 2GB 5 5" 13MP 5MP Blackcolor | eBay Same price in India is about rs 21K. Seller has a positive feedback of 96.5% (though some strong negative reviews are there) Now, I have a cousin...
  7. P

    Need a single function laser printer

    Need a single function laser printer. Thinking of buying HP 1020. Is it a good choice? Additionally, i would also like a printer to which i can remotely give a print command. For example, say i am outside & want to print a doc. So i just send it to my printer over the internet & get it...
  8. warfreak

    [Praise] Prime ABGB | Lamington Road | Mumbai

    Digitians from Mumbai may already be aware of Prime. I would like to shout out to those who work there and are probably reading this. I have purchased many equipments from them and as of now they are my sole source of purchasing IT related products. So far they haven't given me a single...
  9. rakesh_sharma23

    OC at 5,2GHZ

    Overclocked Intel Core i7-5960X CPU upto 5.2GHz with 8Cores/16 Threads fully stable on my Single Stage Phase Changer at -26C
  10. R

    CPU Upgrade Suggession [Below 5-6k][AM3][TDP Below 95]

    Board I Currently Using : N68C-GS FX ASRock > N68C-GS FX Supported CPU's ASRock > N68C-GS FX ASRock > N68C-GS FX Current CPU : Sempron single core 1800 Usage : Office 2013 /win8.1 /Britinica Encyclopedia /Educational Softwares /Linux (academic purpose)/ [BUDGET] Below...
  11. A

    Best and cheapest way to clean dust from my PC?

    I'm not sure if small mini hand pumps will blow enough air to remove the dust properly.. AND All the compressed cans of air I found online are atleast ₹400 for a single bottle, that's like super expensive. Any cheaper yet effective method to clean tons of dust from my PC?
  12. ajayritik

    Need a decent mouse

    Off late my mouse is not working properly. whenever I do single click it ends up getting double clicked. Also when I try to open a link by right clicking and open in new window or tab it opens that page in same window. Also if I try to select one or two items from list of items using ctrl and...
  13. tkin

    Suggest the smallest and cheapest single door Refrigerator

    I need to buy a fridge for myself, it should be very small and as cheap as possible. We already have a large fridge, this one would be used for keeping water bottles, some foods(for a single person), so looking for single door models, capacity as low as possible, and should be 5 star rated...
  14. S

    Sharing single monitor

    Plan to share my single monitor to "Two" cpus by using this product High Resolution 2port VGA switch 2 in 1 vga sharer Is this ok or any other alternative available ?
  15. B

    Is a quality 500W PSU sufficient? (gaming PC)

    I am considering buying a new gaming PC. It will have an i5 and a single graphics card? No overclocking of either the graphics card or the processor. So, is a qulaity PSU like the Seasonic 520W sufficient for such a rig, for any single graphics card? In the future, if I get a beast graphics card...
  16. N

    Dell Inspiron 15R (5537)

    Any opinion about the new laptop from Dell - Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop - Mainstream laptops from Dell 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4500U Windows 8 Single Language 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD 2GB AMD Radeon HD 8850M GDDR5 Price - 68K
  17. RohanM

    Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete 'was a mistake'

    Microsoft's co-founder claims that an IBM keyboard designer created the function and wouldn't allow a single button to access the login screen. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted what quite a few Windows users have been thinking for a long time: control-alt-delete is an unnecessary...
  18. Harsh Pranami

    Downloading a single file in multiple parts,each on different computers.

    Is it possible? Can I download a single file, let's say a 1gb file in two parts 500mb each, with each being downloaded on two different computers. And merge them somehow after the download. Most of the download managers do this but on the same computer. Is there any download manager that allows...
  19. A

    Converting video files with dual audio

    i was converting some of my downloaded video files into required formats but unfortunately i found that after converting it i am getting only single audio sound {english }these files is to played in home theater how can i select the {hindi} audio as a single audio while performing...
  20. shreeux

    Best Refrigerator single door?

    I like buy new refrigerator single door with best power consumption.....below 15k... Pls suggest product name and model no...
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