1. L

    Need a good mobile phone for Rs.25000

    1. Budget? 25k 2. Display type and size? Above 6" Amoled 10 Bit (or most modern display standards ) 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Need bands without any bloatwares and Ads 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Need good rear .. front is not a big...
  2. VerlekarSachin

    Best Android Smartphone under 10000 (August 2021)

    Guys i need a suggestion from you'll for the best smartphone strictly under 10k. I want to purchase from Amazon and i wanted to exchange my old redmi phone. I shortlisted POCO M3, Redmi 9 Power & Samsung Galaxy F12. Off course I know Both poco and redmi specs are similar except the wide lens...
  3. S

    Which is better for gaming?

    Which is better for playing games in terms of Graphics & Performance? A 3 year old Lenovo Vibe K5 Note 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Internal Storage Android 6.0.1 Bluestacks/LDPlayer or any other emulator on a Lenovo ideapad 320 with these specs Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU...
  4. A

    Which one is the best smartphone under 8000 in India?

    *MOD EDIT: Self promotion link removed Best smartphone under 8000 in India Planning to buy a budget smartphone and are worried that it will drill a hole in your pocket? Not to worry there are various budget phones in Indian market that can be availed under 8000 rupees. Many people often need...
  5. M

    What do you think about a security smartphone that is based on its hardware

    Hi everyone! My name is Margot and I would like to know what do you think of a security smartphone that works based on its hardware. It has switches that allow the user to physically disconnect the GPS, the camera, the microphone, and the gallery of photos and videos.
  6. Chetan1991

    Looking for a 14 - 18k android phone

    Hey guys. Looking to buy a phone within the next 2 weeks. Requirements changed so creating a new thread. 1. Budget? 18k and below 2. Display type and size? 5" - 6" 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Coolpad's software experience wasn't very smooth, so don't want brands...
  7. windchimes

    Urgent - Need a phone in 5000/6000 range which supports Jio

    Hi, This is for an urgent need. Can anyone suggest a good 4G phone that can support Jio and costs INR 5000 MAXIMUM ( + 1000 ( if its worth investing).)
  8. R

    Suggestion on upgrading Mom feature phone to Smartphone. Samsung V Motorola

    Hello folks Every-time I need some tech decision I have been helped by techies here before. Thanks for that. My moms old classic mobile went kaput. Need to upgrade her to use a friendly interface smartphone within a budget of 6-8K. I need to buy the phone ASAP and need your help...
  9. A

    Best smartphone in restricted budget of under 25,000

    I can get a OnePlus 3 (refurbished) in sub 25K from amazon. Is it good step to take though? If not, which smartphone would be the best in the stated budget?
  10. S

    smartphone in 10-15k budget

    1. Budget? 10-15k 2. Display type and size? 5'-5.5' 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? any except CHINESE as I M A TRUE INDIAN BOYCOTTING CHINESE PRODUCTS. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? good camera quality 6. Preferred operating system...
  11. R

    Is smartphone making people dumb

    Hii everyone, I would like to know, Is smartphone making people dumb ??
  12. Zangetsu

    ChampOne S1 smartphone launched at Rs 501

    The company says that the price is only promotional and once the smartphone is launched, it will be priced somewhere around Rs 8,000. Interested customers can register themselves on ChampOne’s website for the flash sale which has been up since 22 August. Once registrations are done, customers...
  13. T

    [Video] OnePlus 3 Review: A True Flagship at Mid-Range Price

    Hey guys... I have just posted the review of the OnePlus 3 on my Youtube Channel, so though why not share it with all you guys... So, here is the review: I hope you guys find it useful :) If you did, please do LIKE the video and SHARE it among your...
  14. M

    Phone Manufacturers: Who's whom?

    I've been amazed with the facts about the phone manufacturers and their tie-ups. Even more amazed with the knowledge of how some companies are actually subsets of others. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss that and unveil the insides of the smartphone market. Also, this thread would...
  15. T

    [Video] Moto Z Review: Motorola's Best Flagship Yet!

    Hey guys... Yesterday, I posted a review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force on my Youtube Channel. So, I thought, why not share it with all you guys. So, here's the review: I hope you guys find it useful. If you do, please LIKE and SHARE the video...
  16. Zangetsu

    World's most expensive smartphone launched

    Israeli startup Sirin Labs has launched the world's most expensive Android smartphone. Called Solarin, the smartphone has been dubbed as the 'Rolls Royce of smartphones' Price : $14,000 (Rs 9 lakh approximately) The company claims that Solarin is the world's 'most secure' Android smartphone...
  17. Zangetsu

    Creo Mark 1 launched

    Today, at an event held in Delhi, Bengaluru- based startup Creo (makers of Teewe) launched a new smartphone called the Creo Mark 1 The ‘unstealable’ smartphone with a 21MP camera. What I like : Retriever: This is a security feature aimed at tracking a stolen smartphone. It can help track a...
  18. K

    Lava V5 a great smartphone under INR 15000

    Hey everyone, if you are looking for a good smartphone under INR 15000 then you can give Lava V5 a try. I was doing some research work and found its features quite impressive. 13 MP camera with fast auto focus, 4G support, 3 GB RAM and lots more priced at INR 11,299. Check this phone folks.
  19. H

    need smartphone under 6200/-

    I need a smartphone under 6200 my budget is strict plz suggest me a good smartphone under my budget
  20. A

    Any digit member in Dehradun willing to help setup a smartphone for my parents

    My parents are old, living in Dehradun. I got them to buy a smartphone but they are unable to connect to wifi. Probably some setting issue. Unable to help them from Delhi. Was wondering if someone would care to help locally. Will be really thankful.
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