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A question regarding Nokia E71/E63

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E71 and E63 both have screens which are oriented in landscape mode. This means that there are 240 pixels vertically and 320 pixels horizontally instead of the normal 320px vertical and 240px horizontal.

So, most java applications would either not run or some part of the screen would be out of sight.
This though can be corrected by resizing the .jar file using specific applications designed to do that.

My question is do .sis files have the same limitation or does there resize automatically? If they do not resize automatically, does any application exist which can resize any sis file?

Do applications need to be specifically compatible with such screens or do all sis and sisx files run on devices with such screens?


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^ Dont Worry. Most .sis files should resize automatically, as far as I have tried 'em. In fact I have seen Java Applications showing a certain degree of flexibility as well.


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Symbian S60 3rd edition applications support the following resolutions:

176 x 208
208 x 176
320 x 240
240 x 320
208 x 208
352 x 416
416 x 352
800 x 352

This can be confirmed by navigating to Z:\SYSTEM\Data\templates in your S60 phone. So don't worry. No matter which S60 3rd edition phone you have, the applications will work perfectly.
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