1. cray.x

    ubuntu 11.10 space problem.

    hello guys i recently installed the ubuntu 11.10 on virtual box, i alloted 8 GB of space to it earlier. now I'm running out of space! plz help and tell me how to resize it or attach a new hard disk to it! the host OS is Win 7 ultimate guest OS ubuntu 11.10
  2. funkysourav

    Convenient Video resizing software needed

    Hi guys, does anyone know any good application to conveniently resize videos? The features i need Multithreading/GPU accelearation support is appreciated. Queuing Resize multiple episodes at once Good resizing ratio without compromising on quality for the output resolution I need to...
  3. C

    Need to resize linux partiton

    By mistake I have given my Ubuntu partition lots of extra space, And I am lacking space on Windows to store stuff on.So I need to resize my Windows partition while reducing the size of the Linux partition. So, which Software can probably help me?. I've tried Paragon Partition Manager it does...
  4. A

    A question regarding Nokia E71/E63

    E71 and E63 both have screens which are oriented in landscape mode. This means that there are 240 pixels vertically and 320 pixels horizontally instead of the normal 320px vertical and 240px horizontal. So, most java applications would either not run or some part of the screen would be out of...
  5. A

    How to resize partition

    My c drive (xp installed) has very low disk space. I want to resize the partition without risk of data. Please tell the safest tool to do that.
  6. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Image resizing n video edition problms

    I have around some 1000 images dat iv clicld on a DSLR, now d resizing softwwares r resizing the images to a resolution of 720 X 482 and the resolution dat i want 4 PAL is 720 X 576. Being in a wider form, its not possble to resize the images in dis aspect wthout affectin dere perspective...
  7. N

    background resizing for blog

    i am working on a new blog . for the background , i want a gradient which will resize itself according to the screen resolution of the user . if anyone can help me with : 1. a gradient maker - i searched on google .. only one is useful and it isnt that good. 2. how to make the...
  8. rhitwick

    Howto resize partition?

    Hi, I've windows installed in my (C) drive and a separate drive (D) for Program files. C is of 7 GB and D is of 15 GB. I want to resize my C drive to 12 GB. How do I do it? O.S. currently in use WinXP with SP3.
  9. RCuber

    Software for bulk image resize.

    I have abt 250 images which is abt 1GB. I need a software which can resize all the images in one go and make the file size smaller, no problem if it changes the resoultion also. Each image is abt 4MB, I need then to be abt 100-200 kb.. I cant do this manually for each and every image. Thanks
  10. Jack_Vorobey


    Hey) Guys, I want to share with you.. I found a good tool , called VidMorph. It can create, crop and resize the pictures, and save it into popular media format: avi, wmv, flv, swf.... it's very funny!!
  11. a_k_s_h_a_y

    suggest s/w to resize many pics

    i want to resize many pics to many different resolutions !! each folder has ( all .png files ) 1 pics to be resized to 176x1762 2 pics to be resized to 176x220 4 pics to be resized to 20x16 and i hv many such folders in which the pics are of almost double sizes coz i want to use those 240x320...
  12. P

    looking for a software which will do same as MS photo editor

    I am looking for a software which is same as microsoft photo editor . Generally MS photo editor comes with MS office , but here I am not allowed to use that . I thought of irfanview....... now that is also in blocked list . so now what should I do ? adobe photoshop is a heavy software . I am...
  13. ╬Switch╬

    PHP & Images

    How is it possible to resize images and to add their dimension at the bottom like it is done at
  14. S

    Resize partition.

    1. How to resize my hard disk partitions without losing any data? Plz suggest a freeware. 2. Is it necessary that an OS should be installed on drive C: ? 3. Whenever I switch on my PC, Win XP SP2 says that the password or username u have typed is wrong. Then i have to click OK and in...
  15. ravidawar

    photoshop help !!!!

    guys wat is the proceedure to resize a photo in adobe photoshop to any size like 1024*600 etc i mean when i set the width option to 1024 the length automatically get fixed to thr ny way that i can resize to my choice...
  16. J

    how to resize animated gif

    hi, how to it....without loosing animation!! thax
  17. Tech Geek

    resizing gifs

    does anyone know how to resize the gifs
  18. nikhilrao

    How 2 resize AVATAR ?

    HOW to resize avatar ? :confused: I have a gif not-animated avatar of size 90 pixel x 190 pixel vertical. How can I resize it, so that it can be used in this forum ? i think i must make it under 80 x 80 pixel, no ? Can I use MSPaint ? Or is there any automated site where i can upload it and get...
  19. clmlbx

    How Much Hard Disk Space Does Vista Need ?

  20. rohan

    Resize my drive

    I have 3 drives: c:/ - 20GB, D:/ - 13GB, G:/ - Linux(hda5) - 13GB, E:/ - 15GB and more than 100GB free, unutilized space. I want to resize my Linux partition(ext2) and my C:/ partition(NTFS) both to 20GB and 40GB respectively without losing any data on any of the drives. I am using Windows XP...
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