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a question about laptop battery and over-charging

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I heard that laptops got built-in charge monitoring circuit, which cuts off supply to battery when it senses that the batteries are fully charged.

i leave the laptop in hibernate mode every night with the charger connected. it wakes up automatically at 2 am to start downloads, then shuts down at 8 am in the morning. is my laptop battery safe from over charging


Wise Old Owl
the charger will begin to cool down when system gets fully charged. then system begins to draw power entirely from charger nd battery gets idle. If u are using the recommended charger or bundled charger. then no probs.
Yup! No Problemo, it happens just as dOm1naTOr said. Using my lappy like that since 3 years and still have a battery backup of around 2.10 hours. with my 6 cell battery :)
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