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A lot of BSODs


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Hey guys im using win7 with core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz.

I have been experiencing a lot of bsods off late.
Im attaching the log file from BlueScreenView software.
Please have a look and advise some solution.
Im really annoyed of restarts so often.

thnks in advance


here is the link to the log file:
(for i-dont-know easons i couldnt attach a simple a txt file here, thts y a link)


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u couldn't attach a simple text file! why need to to when u can just copy and paste in the edit box?

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Can you try to post the text which you get in the blue screen of death. Sometimes dat helps a lot more than you could imagine.
Ok, i downloaded the text file. That's whole lot of errors. Analysed 5 of them. Seems to me like a bad memory module. I would suggest memtest86 . Download the file burn it in an cd and run the test. Have you got 2 ram sticks, if yes, the run memtest by placing one in computer at a time. Try update your windows and all your hardware drivers.


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@celldweller: I could not get anything upon running sfc /scannow...a dos window appears and suddenly dissappears...and nothn happens,
Also can i run the memtest86 thru a usb drive...coz my cdrom is not working,!
@tron91: I could have posted the text here only bt the formatting of the text would have messed it up all...if u see the file u ll knw buddy.


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no errors with memtest!
now what?

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also i cnt find a driver for "coprocessor" in device manager..is tht the cause?


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The universal solution for each and every problem in Windows is Format and Reinstall.


Format and Reinstall is a last resort...
Check your memory again... some problem here I'm sure...
post the error of the bsod here.
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