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802.11n Finalized After 7 Years in the Making

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After seven years, it's finally done.


Many of your newer Wi-Fi enabled devices may already have it, and you've probably been hearing about it for the last seven years, but the IEEE has finally ratified the standard for 802.11n – which some have just come to know it as Wireless-N.

This means that manufacturers of Wireless-N devices now have a finalized-specification to design their products to. Existing Wireless-N hardware will likely support the final spec with just a software update.

“This was an extraordinarily wide-ranging technical challenge that required the sustained effort and concentration of a terrific variety of participants. When we started in 2002, many of the technologies addressed in 802.11n were university research topics and had not been implemented,” said Bruce Kraemer, Chair of the IEEE Wireless LAN Working Group. “The performance improvements achieved via IEEE 802.11n stand to transform the WLAN user experience, and ratification of the amendment sets the stage for a new wave of application innovation and creation of new market opportunities.”

More than 400 individuals from equipment and silicon suppliers, service providers, systems integrators, consultant organizations and academic institutions from more than 20 countries participated in a seven-year effort leading to IEEE 802.11n’s ratification. Publication of the amendment is scheduled for mid-October.

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