7 Desktop Problem :*(

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So my 7 was working good till one fine day it screwed up.

some MBR problem.managed to fix it through Ubuntu live CD.but then....

By mistake,I repaired 7 with the Vista DVD and bam (and it loads with the vista green bar stuff,not 7 atom type thingy),I get the login screen,but when I login,
It says preparing desktop and after a while of wait,the whole desktop is blue with no icons.And it stays like that forever.(I think.I waited like 3 hours,and its still blue)

I tried repairing it the 7 DVD and says like there's some hardware or software change that is preventing it from repairing (Not sure,I'll get back to you guys on this).

I'll be really happy if there's some way to fix this mess besides reinstalling windows alltogether.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't see any. Well.....wait for other members to reply. In the meantime take help of Microsoft Windows 7 Forum too.


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Insert 7 dvd and boot from it and get into repair mode.......
it detects for some problems..and attempts repair ......try doing that it might solve the problems....
if not then backup and reinstall by deleting the partition..and not just formatting in which windows was installed
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