1. S

    Software testing Training Institute with Placement Assistance in Mumbai

    Hi Everyone please tell me good Software testing Training Institutes with Placement Assistance in Mumbai.
  2. A

    3d modelling... need help...!!!!

    how to map one image to another using 3d modelling???? need assistance...... which s\w shud I use.... which is the best?????...
  3. S

    Anybody from Guwahati coming towards ncr?

    Pls pm me.. need some assistance..
  4. esumitkumar

    Somebody trying to steal/reset my gmail pwd. HELP !

    Hi Somebody is trying to reset / steal my gmail password. As a safety feature, gmail sends password assistance to secondary mail account. I am receiving these mails once in every 2-3 months :-x I have full headers of google password assistance mail sent on my seconday mail account. Can...
  5. rajivrocks

    Oops ! I lost an important dll file !!

    Welcome to!!! Link:- ~G0t whiLE br0wsiNg~:cool:
  6. B

    Connecting to a friend's PC

    My dad wants some help with his PC (doesn't everyone's?), but he lives 2hrs away and I only see him once every couple of months. Is there any way I can connect to his PC over the internet? I have used VPN to access my PC at work, but that is running Windows Server. Both our home machines...
  7. M

    remote assistance or remote desktop ?

    HI, my sis is in another country and dont have much knowledge of pc so facing always some problems. i have read about remote assistance in which i can enter that pc and i can solve some problems,,,,, is it not possible for me so see her desktop ,in R assistance ? or its posssible...
  8. q3_abhi

    Remote Assistance on Dial-up? ??

    Is Remote Assistance possible on Dial-up??? Is it smooth??? Wat does it require??? Any thing additional to b installed????
  9. K

    InstallScript help

    I use win xp professional.While installing the game "America's Army" i get a runtime error as follows: "The InstallScript engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi, or contact your support personnel for further assistance." I download "the 700KB...
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