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3230,6600 or L7 what to buy?

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Hai guys. Been busy for a while. How r u doing chirag, Vishal and qwerty boy...

Well I want to buy a new Mobby for me in price range of 7500-10000.
Which one is best.


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no doubt i would ..say ..L7 among the choices uve given..
but if u want something....below 10,000 u can get the SE w550i which is quiet good..expect it does not have a memory slot..but has a inbuilt 256 MB memory..


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oi, how do I know you? :p

I'd say L7 too, and for god's sake forget the 6600. 3230 is a great phone, dad's got it. But its camera sucks, dont buy it with a cam in mind. the cam has a 1 second delay.


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I used to have the 6600 but changed it with, and gladly too, a Motorola L7. So far, i dont have any problems whatsoever with the Motorola L7. I give it 8 out of 10 in that price range.


I will suggest You to have 3230.
There is a very short delay in Camera, bit not 1 Second, its a fraction of Seconds.
The reason i would suggest it is:
1) Its Nokia
2) Camera Quality - No one can Compare Nokia's Camera Quality.
3) FM - No Fm in L7
4) Symbian - 3230 is Symbian, u can always play with 3rd party application, games, themes etc.

I strongly suggest u N3230 among these three phones....


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Well check out W300i or W550i, it should be within your budget or even V3i, all are good phones.
And for 11k you can get a 6630, a great phone for the price IMO.


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I got a Nokia 3230, but never ever use it's cam. I cannot even recognise my own pic taken by that phone.
If I can I will post 2 pics, one from my 3230 and other from my sister's W700i. Just see the difference and then dare to say Nokia's cams are good.


hey buddy just try se k750 its more feature rich than above mentioned fones u might just req to add 3/400 rs more to ur budget but its worth it believe me:)

Ankur Gupta

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Yeah i too would suggest u going for SE K750i...it might be an old model but still beats most of the other models in tht range...


I think, u people didn't got my point...

If two Phones of Same megapixel Camera, Nokia's Cam. quality will be better

Take a pic from 2 MP cam of nokia 3250 (i am using 3250 currently after Nokia 6800, 6600, 7610), and any Other 2 MP cam of any other Comnpany's cam.
We will then compare.

I trust in nokia only, if i hav to make other choice, i will go for Motorola.

No other, Sony Ericssion - Never.


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Ok I got confused now.

So I have to choose between 3230 and k750i.

Ok one more thing.
I wanna tell more about my requirements.

1 MP3 quality with headphones.
2. Game update ability. I wanna add new games.
new softwares.

most of all I want to read docs on it.mainly txt and html.

and I m not gonna buy another mobby in next 3 years. So it should offer good warrenty.

Hope u guys can help me out.


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ohhh...no 6600 its dead man, can check Samsung X700, N3230 SE W700i
6630 is also a good phone with good speed, 3230 is much slower than 6630...
and X700 have some good feature....but you may not like Samsung phone
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go for L7, better than 3230 , and forget about 6600

L7 has better camera and music capabilities than 3230 and it is faster
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