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Can you only type in proper English, keeping you from rising the $CRiP+ KidDiE ranks? The l33t sp34k g3Ner4+0r can remedy this serious problem! Simply type in the sentence, paragraph, or page that you would like to have "leet-o-fied" and press a button. 'Leet speak' the easy way. Generator will randomize caps and different methods of replacing characters.
download here *ryanross.net/leet/l33t_v12.zip
for more info *ryanross.net/leet/


In the zone
I hA+E l33t. i+ 15 tO0 d1PHFIcuLT tO UNd3r$+@nD.
+h053 WhO D0n't Kn0W Wh@+ L3e+ iS. r34d thi5 3xC3rPt pHR0M WIK1P3di4. TEH tErM LeE+ COmE$ pHR0M TH3 woRD El1t3. l3ET C4N B3 31ThEr PR0NOunC3D @s "l3ET" (M0n0sYlL@biC, RHYME5 W1th "ME@+", ip4 /lI:+/) OR By Pron0UNc1N9 th3 L $ePAra+3 PHROm +3H RE5+ OF TeH word ("EL 34t" (3liTE)", IP4 /?li:+/). L33+5Pe4k i$ 4 FOrM Of WR1tT3N Sl@NG 0R 5+RE3T t4Lk For tEH inPHoRm@T10N hIGHw4Y. I+ i$ $oME+1ME5 US3D t0 CRE4+E 9roUP 1D3N+itY 4nD T0 ob$CURe M3aN1Ng fr0M Out$1deR$, E5peC14llY NEWB1eS (wHICh m4Y 83 Wr1+teN N00b5). IT 4LSO 3$T48li$hE5 4 HI3R@RCHy, A$ m0R3 c0mplEx forM5 OPH leE+ 4r3 INCR34$iNgLY UnR34d4BLE tO ThE UN+r4iN3D 3ye. C0n5IDER +HE PHR453 "pHr3Ku3n7Ly H45|{3D K00£St330nZ!" 1T +R@n5L4t35 t0 "FREKW3NtlY a5keD KW3s+ioN5". NO+3 +EH 3xTRan3OU5 h 1N FROnt OF 45K3D @nD +3H cON$+RUC+1ON "-+E3ONZ" 45 m34NiN9 "-t1On5".). $iMPl3 ph0RM5 0Ph L3E+SPE4K H4v3 B3c0mE R4TH3R m41n$+r34m, A5 EmpL0YEe5 US3 tEH 4LT3rN4t1v3 $PELLiN9$ +O CIRCuMv3nT +He1R coMpan13$' M4Il f1lt3r$ Des1gN3D +0 CEn$oR C04R53 L4Ngu493 @nd o+H3r 08JEC+10N@bl3 cON+3N+. LEET C4n @L5o 8E UseD T0 dI5GU1se t3X+ WItHiN THe OBJ3C+ c0D3 0F 4 pRO9R4m b3c4U5e 1T Lo0Ks verY mucH Like B1NARY D4+A wHEn VI3WeD In 4 T3xT EDI+or.

oN3 prOb4bL3 3XPL4n4+ioN 0pH I+$ Or19in i5 phROM bulL3tin 804Rd 5Y$t3M$ (8B$$) iN TH3 19805 aND E@RlY 19905. 1+ S+Ar+eD w1tH PE0ple +RY1n9 tO t4lk @B0uT 1LL3g4l 0r o+heRWi5E Kwe5+1oN48Le @c+iV1T1e5, $uCH a5 50Ph+W4r3 p1r4CY, +h@+ SOM3 8B$ 0pER@tORS dID N0t W@NT tO 83 DI5cu55ED or C@rRiED 0u+ V14 +hEIR 5y5TeM5. +HE Op3r@+0rS W0uLD Ph1lT3r 0U+ CER+41n W0RD5 0R B@n PeOPle wh0 U$3D tHEm. mO5T NOT48ly T3H WORD "H4CK3r" wA5 4 c0mmon B4nN3D W0rD. R4+HEr tHan 5+oP t4LkIng @BOuT +H353 TOp1c$, 50me bB5 u5Er$ w0ULD 51MpLy U53 V@Ri@T10n5 oN +H3 Word$, phOR 3X4MpLE "HAcK3r" CoulD 8E R3pL4c3d 8Y "HACK0R" 0R "H4Ck3r". +H35E V@r14N+$ C0uLd B3 b4NnEd +00, TO WH1Ch TH3 Re$PoN$3 w45 T0 CH@NG3 +H3 w0rD M0R3 4ND M0r3 UNTil IT W45 b4R3LY ReC09n1Z48LE ("H4X0R", "|-|^><()|z"). 3v3NtuAlLY +H3 Bb5 0P3RAt0rS rE4LIzeD tH@t +HEre W45 N0 W4Y oph b4nn1nG WORD5 1n 4 P0lYm0RPH1C l4N9U4gE l1ke l3e+.

ThI$ L@TER +URNED 1N+0 T3h cOND1+10N WHEr3 H4V1Ng "3l1+3" st4tus 0N 4 bb$ alL0W3d @ U$3R 4cCe55 TO f1lE Ar3@S, G@M3$, 4nd 5peCI4L CH@T r0OM5, oph+EN INClUD1ng @rcHIve5 0f PIr@+Ed 5Of+w4R3, P0rN0gr@PHy, @nd +EX+ Ph1L35 OF duBious kw@L1ty D0Cum3NtiNG Top1C$ $UcH @5 h0W T0 C0n5+RUc+ 3XPlo5IV35 @ND m4nUF@ctUR3 1lLE94l Drug$. 5OME P3OPL3 +H1Nk th@T LEE+spE4k 0R h@K5Pek +h4+ 5h0r+3n$ +ext m@Y H4vE B3eN D3VElOPed +0 D3cR3@53 B4NDWID+H U5AgE B3PhOR3 +He b@NDWiD+H ExPLO5i0N oF The 19905, bu+ th15 15 M05+ L1KElY NOT t3H C4$3, 45 5UcH me+HoD5 W0uLd H@V3 h4D EXtRemeLy MiNIm4L ePhPhec+ oN actU4l b4NDW1dTH u5493.

$Om3TH1n9 LIK3 le3+5P34K H@$ r39AINed 50M3 p0PuL@riTY IN $M5 (5h0Rt M355@GE 53RVIce) m3DIa, wh1Ch 0PHt3N H@v3 53v3R3 LEnGtH r3$+r1CT10ns 4nD 0RIG1N4lly R3KW1R3D MaNY k3Y Pr3S535 +0 5Pell OUT Word$ CoRrEc+LY. M0r3 REC3N+LY, L3e+ H@$ R3-3NTeRED teh M4IN5trE@m Th@Nk5 TO 1+5 U5E ON V4R1OU$ p0puL4r w3b51+35 $UcH 4$ Bl0G$, WEBc0M1CS @nd FORum5 @nD I+5 wiD3$PRE4D US3 ON 1rC. 4$ 4N Ex4mPLe OPH +HI5 m@In5TRE4MIng, 5E@r5 1NTR0DuCeD tH3 "H34+" M0D3l OF KenMore CL0+H35-W45HEr aND DrY3R, 1N l4+e 2004. P30Pl3 WHo 3NJOY 1RONY $oME+1Me5 U53 le3+5P3Ak +0 8R1NG 4T+ENT10N t0 "5EcR3+5" Th3Y b3Li3ve no On3 4c+UaLLy C4RE5 @80U+, T0 JOk3, 0r 3mpH4s1Ze 4 Nu@nc3. +he 1R0Ny i5 tHAT nOW tH3 M@jOR U$e oPH lEET5P3@K 0N T3H in+Ern3+ 1$ @5 AN 1N-J0K3 83tW3EN b0x0r G33K$, 45 93nU1nE u5493 ha$ S+e4DIlY D3CLin3d.

W3B5IT35 eXI$t TH4+ 4r3 wR1+TeN EN+Ir3Ly 1n L33+5Pe4k. +HeRE 4Re @L$O CONv3Rt3r Pr0gr4M5 WHIch @U+0M4TIC@LLy c0nv3Rt oRD1n4RY 3NglISh +3x+ 1N+o LeEt, 4t v@rY1n9 LeVEL5 opH c0mpl3XIty.

L3e+ i5 4L$0 U53D 8y H4CK3r5 4nD @U+hOr$ 0F VIRUs35. +H3 wiD35PR34D B4cKD0oR PrO9RaM b4cK 0riPh1CE u53D P0rT NuM83r 31337 TO g4iN 4CCESS +0 un$ecurED wINDOw5 comPU+3R5.

5OURc3: WIkIP3D14
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