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  1. mastersquall

    Desktop restart on generator supply

    Hi guys, i am having strange issue when Main electricity goes off inverter get turn on and being on UPS mode my pc doesn't restart and when main electricity comes back everything goes smoothly and my pc running perfectly fine . If electricity doesn't come back within 20min then our sector...
  2. quicky008

    Is it safe to run a pc on generator current?

    The title of my post is quite self explanatory-what i'd like to know is whether its safe or not to operate a computer on electricity that is produced by the typical generators which are often used to supply power to small /medium sized buildings during blackouts. A technician i knew once said...
  3. sygeek

    I need a UPS to last me a couple of minutes (around 2-3 minutes) under 2k

    We already have a generator in the apartment but there is a slight delay when the power goes off and the generator starts running (10-20 seconds), so I want a UPS that can manage until that. Budget is under 2k.
  4. koolent

    Need a Suitable Clock Generator.. BD-70G..

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra and I have a friend who wants to overclock his processor.. He has a BD-70G motherboard and some old 1.90 GHz processor.. I have cleand up and his mobo and PC is all set.. He will be using SetFSB to overclock his processor so, I want to know the clock generator to...
  5. R

    Burn-In of headphones.

    Hello TDF members, I got myself Philips SHP-2700, honestly they sound not so good out of the box.. I know there's the burn-in process to enhance sound quality. I want to know how to proceed.. I know about this site: http://www.burninwave.com/ Should I just use Burninwave generator or...
  6. A

    hash function???

    can anyone tell me in brief?? what is the use of random number generator and hash function in a network?? and is there any use of random number generator in hash function?? :?::?::?:
  7. Chetan1991

    Help! Geexbox wont notice movies in its media.

    Hola. Has anyone used geexbox?? Its a small live distro, 20mb or so. A program called 'generator' can be used to make a custom bootable iso, to which you can add movies, codecs etc. So i was planning to make a custom dvd with generator to archive 6 movies, which total 4.1 gb, but no matter...
  8. T

    UPS help

    Hello, Situation: . I have a moderate i5 rig with CoolerMaster 600 W PSU. . I also have a 800va inverter for the entire house. . There is also a generator that works for the entire society. Problem: When the generator shuts down and inverter or the main...
  9. Chandal

    Why Is A Generator Is Named Generator

    I think a generator only converts energy of one form to another i.e. mechanical energy of the armature to electrical energy giving rise to current. It doesn't generate energy, it just converts energy. It should be named an Energy Converter. What do you say?8-)8-)
  10. L

    Blogspot Template Generator

    Check out my tool for generating templates for blogspot.... Features of the blogger template generator v2... 1. It is an online tool based predominantly on Javascript, and you don't need to download or install any software (except a Flash Plugin, required for saving your design and using...
  11. V

    is this a good offer

    Guys my friend is offering me a web address and the features mentioned below for rs.1000 per year it is good? * » 2500 MB Web Space * » 300 MB Data Transfer * » 300 Mail Boxes * » FREE Video E-Mail Feature * » 300 Autoresponders * » 300 Free Softwares *...
  12. RBX

    Overclocking Software

    Can anyone tell me a software that can overclock my Compaq Presario S5010IL with Athlon XP 2400+ ,MS-6390 Motherboard and something written there as Winbond W83697HF, that would probably be clock generator or whatever(tell me what's that)! This is an pretty old configuration. Oh! yes tell me...
  13. Gigacore

    Strange Problem, help me ASAP

    The problem started just before 2 minutes before i posted this thread. I dont have a UPS, (coz our building has a generator) from 3 days the generator is not working. There was a power failure a 15 minutes ago. after the power came back i just switched on the switch of the main power socket in...
  14. anandk

    How to Use ANY Gadget on Vista's SideBar.

    Here is a way to convert Google or almost any Gadgets and use them on your Vista SideBar. I have tried it successfully with Widgets from widgetbox too. You can transform almost any gadget into one that can live on the Windows Vista sidebar or your Desktop. Freeware Amnesty Generator lets you do...
  15. go4saket

    Best Encryption Algorithm, Mode & Key Generator?

    Hi Guys! I recently installed BestCrypt 8 and it has different encryprion algorithm like Triple DES Blowfish 448 Cast Gost RC6 AES (Rijndael) Serpent TwofishApart from encryprion algorithm, there is some thing called Mode which again has two diffetent choices : LRW - Tweakable Narrow-block...
  16. pritish_kul2

    Stylish Text generator

    I want a text generator but the result should not be in image as i want to write in orkut
  17. Third Eye

    Sign Generator

    http://atom.smasher.org/ In this site you can make your own Error Message,Word Puzzle.etc :p
  18. anandk

    SiggyBar/UserBar Creation

    u can download a siggy-bar or a user-bar from sevral sites like http://free-forum-sigs.freehostia.com/ u can even customize it here at http://siggymaker.gfxedit.com/userbars/ then u can club 2 or more and animate them at http://ubanimator.com/ or u can generate ur very own customized...
  19. L

    random password generator

    Hi all, Back after long time. I wanted to know if there is a terminal based (non-gui) inbuilt random password generator available in Fedora Core 5 ? if so what is it? if not, can you suggest one best? thks, /legolas.
  20. N

    PCor generator

    hu guys,my PC makes a lot of noise when i play games ,the sound too high and can be listen in the next room. i have 915 gev mob,6600gt,512 mb ram,3.0ghz.i want to know does it the the processor heatsink makes noise or graphic card fan. and plz tell me solution.it sounds like a generator :D
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