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1Tb internal HDD


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Hi Friends, I'm planning to buy 1 TB internal SATA HDD. Budget is 4.3K but I'm concerned about warranty period which is much lesser than external HDD. Please suggest its cost in New Delhi & warranty period. Secondly, please share ur thought abt Toshiba 1TB int HDD. Someone told me that its warranty period is 5 years.


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Toshiba owns some of WD's 3.5" HDD business.Its a complex asset sharing deal. Toshiba also owns Fujitsu's HDD business! And yes Toshiba is good.


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Own Seagate Barracuda 1TB for more than 3 years.
Never had a problem with it.

So, my suggestion goes for Seagate/


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I have also faced no problem with Segate but the thing is that WD had real good ASS, they pick up, drop your products and you don't have to do anything for that. :)


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+1 to Seagate.. have been using their products since 2002 :) My current 1TB Barracuda has been working since 2 years now without a hitch.


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Thanks everybody.

I'm also a satisfied customer of seagate & there is no reason to disbelieve WD satisfied customer. However, both these companies have now reduced warranty period to 1 year (in some cases 2 years) on internal HDD. At the same time, Toshiba giving 5 years warranty. In this context I've asked ur suggestion on quality of HDD & their service. Please advise.


Your budget needs to be increased by at least 300-500 INR to get into a comfort zone. A WD Green will cost you +300 INR and will come with a better warranty. A Seagate will cost you 4.3K approx but a lesser warranty. You may never need to bother about warranty if the product is good...just think abt it! At the end its a personal choice and no matter how expensive the HDD, data has to be backed up if you dnt wanna land up in trouble.
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