1Gbps in all universities


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The 1 Gbps link need not necessarily trickle down to the students. Like in our college which has had a link like that for all i can remember, yet the access to internet is pretty slow. All hostels have limited connections (speed capped at 2Mbps) And thats nothing to boast about, considering the fact that atleast 100 connections will be active at any given time from the same hostel. Think the same situation is gonna happen in these newly provided 1 Gbps links too.


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I saw some Physics from the Khan academy website and it was simply amazing!
These guys ACTUALLY make learning physics an interesting experience!
You watch these videos and you get the type of 'thrill' similar to the type of thrill you get from watching discovery channel shows like 'Curiosity'!
THIS IS the stuff the 1Gbps connection should be used for!
And Im only in 12th right now but when Ill be doing btech Ill make sure I watch the MIT videos on youtube!
Banning youtube is a stupid Idea. It has SO much to offer for those who DO wanna learn!
Just because some people can't stop themselves from watching RWJ and IPL on youtube universities shouldnt ban it!
And yeah
This is :offtopic: and all but what are 'Yindans'?


@Liverpool_fan Thanks for enlightening me(us?)
0% innovation, 100% idioticy rather than say 10% innovation, 90% idioticty.
That's not applicable to all of us. Some people like in fashion institutes use it for innovation ;)


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LCF_fan reflecting same feelings I have. +1

As long as the students are paying an internet fees included in their normal fee, I'm cool with it but I'm not letting my tax money pay for 18yr olds to jerk off to p0rn or watch half naked bollywood dance numbers and download pirated movies and music.

If they are going to get it for free, then all is well as long as torrents, p0rn sites and social Networking sites are blocked. Say what you want about freedom of speech and internet and blah blah, but these sites have no place in educaction
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